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6 tips to choose the best roof repair and replacement contractor

A roof is a significant part of your home’s defense against the elements. A roof is also a key element that defines your home’s aesthetic appeal. Needless to say, when it comes to the task of overhauling your roof, your choice of roofer needs to be nothing less than perfectly right. Here are 6 handy tips from the experts at Hynes Roofing & Siding, which we believe will help you find the right roofing professional from the sea of choices available out there.

How to find the best roofers for your roof replacement

 1 Match your needs to the right skills

The first step is to determine the scale of your roofing requirement. If it’s about minor repairs, contacting a local contractor should be enough. However, if the task involves major installation or replacement, you’ll be safer going with bigger roofing companies who come with considerable experience in handling large sized projects. While an individual contractor will give you the comfort of a one-point contact, a larger roofing service business – one that preferably ranks amidst the best roofers in Ardmore, will offer you multiple advantages including faster project completion, professional handling, quality materials, highly skilled labor etc.

 2 Look up reviews for green ticks and red flags

Looking up reviews on roof repair and replacement contractors is an essential step when it comes to giving your home or business a new roof. There’s a vast community of customers out there with experiences you can gain from. Good contractors. On-time contractors. Professional contractors. And even contractors with whom things go awry. Customer stories on review platforms like Google, Yelp, Facebook etc. will give you a wealth of otherwise hard-to-come-by information about home improvement service businesses or commercial roof replacement contractors, without the effort and of course, the risk of going through an unpleasant experience yourself.

 3 Check for licenses and insurance

Paperwork matters when it comes to hiring roof repair and replacement specialists. Workers insurance in particular. If the contractor you choose has this detail sorted, it will free you from any financial liability in the event of unforeseen accidents that happen while your roofing job is in progress. You also need to check if the contractor is licensed to operate in your state. Licensed contractors can be relied on to follow construction codes and protocols that are mandated by the state to ensure the safety of your family and property.

 4 Go for written estimates

Choose home improvement service contractors who are professional when it comes to discussing costs and other terms and conditions, regarding your roofing requirement. Roofers who enquire about your needs and respond with professionally written estimates that cover everything from cost to timeline to quality etc., should be given preference over contractors who either don’t provide or hesitate to give you things in writing. A written estimate gives you a concrete reference point that will prove useful in the event of issues, deviations or changes that happen on the job.

 5 Ask for warranties

The best roofers in Ardmore will back their service with warranties that usually cover materials as well as workmanship. These warranties cover you in situations where either a part or the entire material used turns out to be defective or if the installation is not done right and you find issues soon after the completion of the project. Contractors who offer warranties are professionals who are confident about the materials they use as well as the processes they employ.

 6 Find out if they serve your area

You may come across a home improvement service contractor who has all the credentials and qualities in place, and then discover they are not really close to where you live. Proximity to your area of residence will always be an advantage because it will mean quick and convenient trips for both you as well as the contractor’s team. So, make sure to identify roof repair and replacement professionals who’re strictly within your local radius.

 A roofing project will involve a significant amount of time and money. This is where hiring the right roofing expert makes a big difference. We hope the points shared here will help you find a roofer who’s just right for your home. We’re Hynes Roofing & Siding by the way. A family owned business that is reputed for high quality workmanship in roofing and other home improvement services, a rare sight in the industry today. If you’d like to engage a roofing expert without any of the trouble, please feel free to reach out to us. Just call 610-546-7844 and we’d love the opportunity to introduce you to the Hynes way of roofing excellence.

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