You don’t need to be a commercial roof contractor to find and fix a leaking roof. As long as you follow our tips, you’ll be able to find and fix the problem – no experience necessary!

Simple leaks take just a few minutes to fix. Unless they’ve got something more complex that’s causing it. In which case, your best bet is to get in touch with one of your local roof repair contractors

local roof repair contractors

Here are the telltale signs to find and fix your leaky roof. 

Track Stains
A leaky roof will make its presence felt with clear (and gross-looking) track marks down the side of the walls. The easiest way to find the leak is to track the tracks upward until you find the spot. 

Follow the Mould
Leaks will cause dampness. Which in turn causes black blotchy mold. The more the mold, the higher the chance of a leak in the area. 

Hose it Down
You might want to enlist the assistance of a helper if the leak is hard to find. Simply get someone up on your roof with a hose. Move slowly and in small sections and you’ll be able to locate the leak in no time. 

Once you’ve found the leak, then you need to fix it. As quickly as possible. Taking on a DIY roof leak repair may sound daunting. But with a little creativity and a whole lot of confidence, it’s easily overcome!

  1. Caulk won’t cut it

Unless you’re taking care of a really small hole, caulk will be an insufficient and temporary solution. But if it’s just a small hole, go right ahead.

  1. Trim the Shiners

Leaks are sometimes the result of nails (or “shiners”) that may have been missed during the framing and are left between the insulation and the top of the roof. They frost over in the wintertime and melt through in the summer causing leaks. The fix for this can be as simple as trimming these so they can’t cause any more damage. 

  1. Replace Plumbing Vent Boots

Unless you’ve got a unique roof structure, you can usually find these replacements at your local home improvement store. If it looks like the screws and nails have been stripped, simply replace them as well.

  1. Firm up Shingles

Loose shingles can cause major leaks, but simply nailing them in place can save you a world of trouble. As we mentioned before, not all roof leaks can be tackled in the DIY style and some may actually need the consultation of a professional. Whether it’s rubber roof coating or simple flat roof maintenance and repair, make sure you choose a professional roofing contractor with both expertise and experience under his belt. 

It’s also a good idea to check your roof warranty and consider your insurance coverage. Look particularly at policy wordings about fixes that you may have to do yourself as opposed to getting professional help. A roofing contractor will also likely have their own liability insurance too, should anything go wrong! 


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