Whether you need a wood window replacement or a fiberglass window replacement, the steps to go about it remain the same. Let’s look at them as five questions you need to ask yourself when considering window replacement. 

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Do my windows need to be replaced? 
That’s the first thing you should ask yourself when thinking of replacing your windows. If you are replacing your windows for aesthetic reasons, you need to make sure that the new windows you have in mind are functionally beneficial for your home. If you need new windows because your old windows aren’t performing as well as they used to, you need windows that will do the job better. There are a few easy ways to spot windows that need replacement. Check the frames for any warping or cracking, look for peeling paint, and in case of wood frames, check for any mold or rot. If you spot any of these, it’s time to get a professional’s opinion on getting your windows replaced. 

When should I get the replacement done? 
Unless the repairs are urgent, you can schedule your replacement for summer. A window replacement in the summer is extremely convenient for you as a homeowner because you don’t have to worry about heating when the windows are taken out. It also gives you the opportunity to install energy-efficient windows before the winter rolls around. But if you must get an urgent window replacement in the winters, a good contractor will help you deal with the drawbacks and likely have enough time on their calendar to accommodate your urgent repairs. 

What material should I choose for my windows? 
To make this decision, you need to consider the weather conditions in your area, the overall look of your home and the aesthetic of the neighborhood. It’s best to get recommendations from your contractor. 

What features do I want my windows to have? 
When selecting windows for your home, you definitely want to consider options that fit in your budget, match the overall look of your home, lower energy costs and can withstand the weather conditions and minimize wear and tear. 

Who should I hire for the job? 
While there are several specialized window replacement contractors and companies, you can always pick a full service construction company to do the job. Choose a contractor you feel comfortable working with and think can get you a good deal on the material you choose. 

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