Commercial roofing contractors, Ardmore
Commercial roofing and siding contractors in Ardmore

5 services to demand from commercial roofing contractors this winter 

 Your roof could go through a lot before the season of sub-zero temperatures gives way to more pleasant weather. Roofing problems due to exposure to snow, hail and water can range from accumulation of snow on your roof to shingle breakage to serious leakage and more. Here are 5 tips to follow to keep your roof and its supporting elements from taking a serious hit this winter.

Why you need to hire a roofing and siding contractor this winter

Clean up your drainage system

A gutter that’s clogged with leaves and other debris will cause roof water to either accumulate or spill out. This can lead to bending or tearing of your gutter system because of the extra weight of accumulated water and even erosion of your walls and foundations via water leakage. Stagnant water in clogged gutters can also attract mosquitoes. You can avoid all of these issues by maintaining clear gutters and downspouts, either by yourself or by hiring commercial roofing contractors in your area.

Replace cracked or missing shingles

Check your roof to see if any shingles are damaged or missing, since these can turn into potential paths for the water or moisture to leak into your home. Moist roof areas can also trigger mold and mildew growth which can cause further damage. Don’t delay in engaging a professional roofing and siding contractor to replace damaged or missing shingles. 

Install heat cables

Ice dams result from water accumulating and freezing at spots that have uneven temperatures along your roof. This is a common winter occurrence which if unresolved, leads to either water leakage or rotting of your underlying structure. You could approach local roof repair contractors to lay out heat cables in a zigzag pattern along your roof edge, to maintain uniform temperature zones all across your roof. This will prevent the water from snow melts from refreezing and turning into ice dams on your roof.

Rake out the snow

If your roof gets overly packed with snow, it could increase the weight of the roof and cause the entire structure to crack or even cave in. The accumulated ice can also melt and create moist spots which could lead to interior leakage and rot. Rake out the snow from time to time, before it gets the chance to collect and cause issues or outsource the effort to commercial roofing contractors who will be better equipped and experienced at the job. 

Trim your roof’s surroundings

If you have trees around your roof and notice overhanging branches, it would be a good idea to trim these potential hazards. After all, it’s better to clear away branches than to have them crashing and damaging your roof shingles. Broken shingles will give moisture and water the inlets they need to seep into your foundation. It’s a worry and expense that’s easily avoidable with a timely trim.

Follow the steps mentioned above and you can minimize, if not completely eliminate, the chances of damage to your roof this winter. For expert roof protection, repair or installation services, call us at 610 546 7844. We’re Hynes Roofing & Siding – a reputed home improvement services company that’s among a limited number of national contractors who’ve earned the GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor designation. Talk to our contractors and we will do whatever it takes to keep your roof in as good shape as your business, this cold season.

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