In the middle of a big home renovation? If you’ve come online to look for the best kind of replacement window for your home, here’s our comparison of Fiberglass and Vinyl Windows to help you make the decision. 

vinyl windows


Vinyl windows are an affordable option when looking for replacement windows. They are made from extruded PVC and cost half of what wood-framed windows do, on average. 

Fiberglass windows are bound to cost you more because of the installation alone. 


Both Vinyl and Fiberglass windows are made from substances that do not attract insects and will not succumb to rot. 

3. Customization

Vinyl windows don’t need to be painted. But the downside is that even if you wish to paint your vinyl windows, it cannot be efficiently done. The paint will eventually begin to peel off. 

They are also only available in limited colors. 

Fiberglass on the other hand is paintable and can be painted to simulate the look of a wooden frame.

4.Energy efficiency

Vinyl and Fiberglass frames provide excellent insulation. They do not expand and contract in the heat or the cold and provide good insulation. 

Additionally, fiberglass windows do a good job of reducing noise transmission enabling some level of soundproofing.  

5.Ecological effect

While they are cheaper and will save you a buck or two on the heating and cooling of your home, vinyl windows are ultimately made from PVC and will be difficult to recycle when disposed of. 

Fiberglass windows do have the upper hand here on having been made with 60% recycled glass, to begin with. 


Vinyl being a weaker material needs broader frames to actually be strong. 

Fiberglass frames are thinner and therefore leave more room for the glass itself. This means more light and sleeker-looking windows. 

It can also be textured to appear very close to natural wood.  


Vinyl windows take this round on account of being fairly easy to install by oneself, and they can be found at most home improvements stores.

Fiberglass windows replacement require proper training to install. Professional installation is the better option in case of any new replacement windows. Some manufacturers may even be unwilling to sell directly to homeowners as they require a professional contractor to be installed. 

Our contractors at Hynes Roofing and Siding can help you get the job done right. 


8.Real-estate value 

During a resale, fiberglass windows are more likely to get you a higher value. Windows are not a big factor in deciding valuation for a home but between vinyl and fiberglass, the latter would fetch a higher resale price. 

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