A deck is one of the most delightful spaces around your home. From get-togethers and barbecue parties to cozy sit-outs and anniversary or birthday celebrations, the deck is a space that brings your world together. And like every part of your home, this element too is subject to wear and tear, as a result of weather exposure or just aging.

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As a reputed deck repair company with an illustrious, multi-decade track record in home deck repair and roof deck installation, we often come across homeowners who find it tough to decide between deck repair and deck replacement. Here’s a blog that we believe will arm you with the facts to take the right decision for your deck, for your home.

 When you should consider repairing your deck

1. Shaky railings

If you grip the deck railing and find it loose or shaky, consider looking up a deck repair company or a contractor who’s experienced in home deck repair or roof deck installation, to fix the issue before it turns into potential health hazard. If the cause behind the shakiness is restricted to nothing more serious than loose screws or displaced/rusted nails, it’s a case of repairs.

2. Loose floorboards

Deck boards can lose their rock-steady feel over time. This could either be caused by the deck expanding and contracting due to the change in moisture levels and temperatures – which causes the nails and screws to loosen or, the weakening of a few of the supporting joists. Look for deck contractors ‘near me’ or a local deck repair company to tighten up your floorboards.

3. Cracked deck boards

Deck boards absorb moisture when it rains or snows, and then lose this absorbed moisture when the weather turns warm again. This seasonal cycle of thickening and shrinking leads to cracks that not only affect the deck’s appearance but also exposes your family to the risk of physical harm from splintered wood. If the cracks are restricted to a few planks, you can resolve the issue by engaging a deck repair company or a local contractor with proven skills in home deck repair or roof deck installation for selective replacement of the affected planks.

4. Rotting wood

Moisture in the environment – particularly in places with moist or humid climates, lead to growth of mold and mildew which eventually causes the deck boards to rot and decay. If the rot or decay is limited to a few planks, you can make do without a full replacement.

5. Weak posts and beams

The stability of your deck depends on the underlying framework of posts and beams. The moisture in the soil that keeps the posts firmly embedded, can permeate the wood elements over time and lead to rot. Whether the situation calls for repairs or complete replacement will depend on the extent of decay and how far the posts have elevated beyond their ‘normal’ level.


When you should consider replacing your deck

1. Failing ledger boards

A ledger board is what keeps your deck firmly attached to your home. Ledger boards that develop rot due to moisture can create gaps between the deck and your home. These gaps, if not closed or addressed, can eventually cause the deck foundation to shift away from your home and even collapse. If you have ledger boards that are not doing their job of fastening your deck to your home, consider finding deck contractors ‘near me’ or a deck repair company with experience in home deck repair or roof deck installation to carry out the replacement.

2. Weak joists and beams

Check the lower level of your deck’s supporting structure for signs of erosion. If you’re able to drive a screwdriver into your deck’s joists without much effort, it’s a sign that the erosion has set in deep and the integrity of your deck’s foundation has been compromised. You’ll need a complete replacement of the existing framework to make your deck a liveable area once again.

3. New deck building codes

Every region has in place its own building code and regulations, to ensure the safety of homeowners inhabiting the area. If the deck building codes in your region have updated since the time you built your deck, you may need to consider rebuilding the entire deck along the lines of current stipulations. 

4. You want to try something new

Everything about a home changes with new trends, and decks are no exception. If you spot a material – that you feel is sturdier or easier to maintain or a design – that you think is more spacious and aesthetic, you’ll need to think of a replacement. 

5. Damaged or missing ledger flashing

Ledger flashing performs a critical role when it comes to maintaining the integrity of your deck. It helps eliminate the build-up of water which can lead to deterioration of your deck’s ledger boards which maintain the solid attachment between your deck and home. If you spot a problem with your flashing that has affected the stability of your deck, get in touch with a deck repair company or experts who’re into home deck repair and roof deck installation to get your deck frame replaced.

 We hope this article will leave you better-advised to take a call between deck repairs and replacement, should the situation arise. If you’re looking for a deck repair company or even deck contractors ‘near me’, with the right credentials for home deck repair or roof deck installation, call 610 890 5620 to get in touch with the contractors at Hynes Roofing and Siding. We’re a fully licensed, insured and certified home improvement company that’s recognized for high-quality craftsmanship, superior materials and meticulous attention to details since our establishment in 1974. Whether you’re looking at deck repairs or a complete replacement, you can rely on us to deliver an experience that’s on par with the industry’s best.

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