Windows are an integral part of the aesthetic as well as the practical function of a house. But not all windows are the same. Different types of windows offer different functionality and appeal to the house. 

If you are looking for new windows for your new home or looking for window replacement services for an existing one, it is important to get a grip over different window styles. Let’s look at some popular window styles, what they add to your house and why you should go for them.  

wood window replacement

Fixed windows
The fixed window is perhaps the most universal window style. Fixed windows are glass panes that are fitted in a window pane(s). There is no way you can open or close a fixed window. These are an excellent way to ensure the room gets plenty of light and visibility. 

Sliding windows
The sliding window is another popular and relatively inexpensive option. Sliding windows move in a frame. They offer plenty of light and visibility but also ensure ventilation. If you would like to enjoy fresh air once in a while or if it gets too hot around your house, you can choose sliding windows over fixed windows. 

Double-hung windows
Just as sliding windows move along a horizontal frame, the double hung windows move along a vertical frame. If you are looking for a traditional interior or looking for a window style to match your mansion aesthetics, double-hung windows are the way to go. These are not recommended for families with small children. 

Casement windows
You are probably using casement windows already and they need no introduction. This window opens like a door and has hinges attached to a frame. Not only are these windows convenient, they are safe too. Watch out for gust though, as the windows can be vulnerable against strong wind.  

Awning windows
Awning windows open from the bottom and are mounted to a hinge on top. These are a good option if you are only looking for ventilation but want to avoid anything else (rainfall, leaves etc.) from coming inside. These windows are quite secure when closed and also don’t get affected by the gust. While the sliding mechanism and frame add to its strength, they are also prone to wear and tear. 

Roof windows or skylights
Roof windows or skylights are those windows that are built into the roof. These can be fixed windows or functional, as per your requirement. Apart from being very pretty to look at, roof windows provide natural light.

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