When you take up a project as ambitious as replacing your roof or installing a new roof on your home, you need to do ample research about roofing materials, roofing contractors, and most importantly, the steps to replacing a roof. 

Now you could be getting shingled, metal or flat roof maintenance and repair done, but the basic process will remain the same. Here are the steps most contractors will follow when installing a new roof for your home. 

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1. Raw material
The first step for any contractor would be to bring all the raw material together and keep it on a dry surface at the site. This would most likely be your driveway. But they should ideally only bring the raw material to you right before the work on your roof is about to start. Do not make peace with your contractor dumping a bunch of material on your front yard and leaving it there for an extended period of time before starting any work. 

2. Protecting the surroundings
The next step for any contractor would be to lay down tarps around your property and cover it sufficiently to protect it from any damage. A good contractor will always protect before the job starts and thoroughly clean after the job is done. You’ll often find them scanning the property with a large magnet to collect any stray nails before they close the job. 

3. Cleaning the gutters
Before work starts on your roof, your contractor will clean out your gutters and clear any blockages in the gutters. Your gutters are an important part of your home’s roofing system and a good contractor will always ensure your gutters are in good shape before installing a new roof.  

4. Ripping up your old roof 
Once your gutters are prepped, they’ll proceed with ripping up your old roof to lay the groundwork for your new roof. You can have a new roof installed on top of your old roof but the likelihood of that being possible is reduced based on the material used for your old roof and the conditions of the shingles. 

5. Repairing the roofing system 
After your old roof has been taken away, the contractor will run a thorough inspection of the foundation your new roof will sit on. This is also when an underlayment will be installed to protect your home from any water entering through the roof during a snowstorm or the rains.  

6. Laying the new roof 
Then comes the most important step. When your roof will be laid down. The contractor will install the shingles you have chosen and likely give it a coat of rubber roof coating after to waterproof the shingles. Your roof valleys will be waterproofed too because that’s where water is most likely to collect.  

7.Post-installation inspection 
Finally, when the roof is installed, a good contractor will walk the roof again to look for any shingles that might be loose or not properly installed. They will also sweep the roof and the gutters to get rid of any debris that has been collected. Your contractor should inspect the roof before the end of the job because it is an important concluding step for a good contractor. Ensuring that the job has been done right. 

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