Your home’s exterior walls are your first line of defence against rain and snow. They are also a big part of the facade of your home. So it is important you pick the right paint to keep your curb appeal up and protect your home from moisture and wear. Here are some tips on choosing the right kind of paint for your exterior walls. 
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Tip 1- Aesthetic
You want to pick a color that goes with the overall palette of your property. Choose a shade based on the trees and landscaping you own. You want your home to stand out in the middle of your property. It would work in your favor if you try to match the rest of your neighborhood. A well painted home has higher curb appeal and being in sync with the neighborhood can make resale a lot easier. 

Tip 2- Functional 
If you live in an area that is prone to rain and snow, you will want to invest in paint that can waterproof your walls. Weatherproof paint can help your home stay in good shape through harsh weather conditions. Consider getting an energy efficient paint too. Lighter shades will help reflect heat and effectively lower your energy consumption. 

Tip 3- Eco-friendly
There are two reasons to buy eco-friendly paint. It is better for the environment and for you and your family. Eco-friendly paints are created with non-toxic materials and won’t give out toxic fumes that you and your family would breathe in. They also help you do your little bit for the planet. 

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