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6 ways to save money when hiring siding services in Ardmore

Nothing is built to last forever. Or let’s put it this way, nothing can withstand the forces of nature and maintain its integrity indefinitely. This law applies to all parts of your home, your siding being no exception. If you happen to be at a point where you’re considering a new siding, you’ll no doubt be looking for siding contractors. A word of caution here. Siding replacement or installation can prove costlier than you imagine. So here’s a blog with 6 useful tips that will help you save money when you hire siding services in Ardmore, vinyl siding contractors or even contractors for stucco remediation.

6 ways to save money on your next siding installation 

 1 Plan your installation at the right time of the year

If you plan your siding overhaul at a time when your neighbors (and their neighbors) are going for it too, you’ll only make it expensive for yourself. So, instead of looking up ‘siding companies near me’ on your phone’s browser, sit tight during the spring and summer months, when the demand for siding contractors, labor and materials is at its highest. Come fall, and you’ll find both labor and material costs dropping to ‘Sale’ prices. Another advantage of the non-peak season is, vinyl siding contractors, stucco remediation contractors or even general siding contractors won’t be in a hurry to complete your project and race on to the next. This ensures better commitment, dedication and responsiveness to your needs and concerns while the job is on.

 2 Do it yourself, take off your old siding

Labor is an expensive resource, one that will cost you by the hour. Fortunately, there are some things that you won’t need a contractor for. Removing your existing siding is a task you can do by yourself, with a few tools. Use a zip tool to get underneath the existing siding and loosen it. Next, use a pry bar to pull out the nails that secure the siding and this will help you remove the old siding off your walls. While you’re at it, also clear furniture, plants or equipment from the immediate vicinity of your home’s exterior. Remove valuables from the interior of your home that stand the risk of being damaged. 

 3 Compare quotes from different contractors

While capability is a critical factor in choosing a siding contractor, you also need to consider affordability. A convenient way to identify contractors who’re reliable and affordable is to request referrals from people you know. Also do your own research and reach out directly to the contractors who serve your neighborhood. You’ll come across both general and specialist siding contractors during your research. Ensure to take quotes from the siding specialists too, because unlike general contractors who also offer siding installations, these specialists come with in-depth expertise and experience of their field.

 4 Check the costs of installing different materials

Siding comes in a wide variety of materials and installation costs. If you desire to give your home the classic and timeless finish of wood, the installation will cost you between $5 and $10 per square foot. A Victorian stone siding look will further drive up your installation cost to between $15 and $30 per square foot. An eco-friendly choice like fiber cement siding will result in a cost that’s between $5 and $10 per square foot. The material you choose will help you not only scale up your aesthetics but also drive down your costs.

 5 Choose a contractor who’s insured and licensed

Any job that involves labor, equipment and materials comes with the risk of accidents. Hiring a licensed and insured contractor will protect you from unexpected costs and lawsuits that may result in the event of an unforeseen accident taking place. Think not only of the expenses you’ll end up saving by hiring the right contractor but also the peace of mind you’ll enjoy throughout the project.

 6 Ask for a Siding Warranty

Getting a manufacturer’s warranty on the siding protects you from bearing additional costs in case the material turns out faulty. If you have identified contractors offering siding services in Ardmore, ask them if they offer warranties and enquire about the duration of the warranty. Also ask for additional guarantees like a guarantee on installation – which ensures you won’t have to bear any costs if the installation doesn’t go as desired.

 Installing a new siding is a major home improvement project, one that will require a significant amount of time and labor. It’s vital therefore that you choose siding services in Ardmore, vinyl siding contractors or even stucco remediation contractors who ensure you an outcome that reflects your wishes while also matching your budget. We’re Hynes Roofing & Siding – a 1974-founded home improvement services company that’s recognized for quality workmanship and exceptional service. From choosing the right kind of siding to delivering a professional-grade installation, our contractors will make your experience of siding installation smooth from start to end. 

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