7 home improvement ideas to discuss with your home improvement service contractor

A well-maintained home not only ensures greater protection from the elements but also a higher curb appeal at the time of making a sale. While a complete home makeover or improvement can prove money draining and time consuming, you could make it easier and cheaper by breaking down a big task into smaller projects.

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Before you start looking for a home improvement service company, exterior painting contractor or siding contractor in Ardmore to consider possibilities for your home, take a look at these 7 quick and affordable ideas for your next home improvement.

7 affordable ways to improve your home 

Idea 1 Repaint your rooms

Friendly and welcoming. Subtle and classy. Contemporary and chic. When it comes to giving your faded looking walls a makeover, the possibilities are endless. All you need are a few paint cans and inexpensive tools to get what’s in your mind onto those walls. Of course, things get expensive when you get your local exterior painting contractor into the picture, primarily because of labor costs.

The cost of painting a standard sized room when doing it yourself: $200 to $300

Idea 2 Repair your siding

Your siding plays a pivotal role in protecting your home’s interior from the elements. It also contributes significantly to raising the aesthetic quotient of your home. Over time your siding can develop damages that can manifest in the form of holes, dents, cracks or warps. Nothing that a small portion of your home improvement budget cannot handle. You could check the costs with local siding contractors in Ardmore, although here’s a glimpse of what you can expect for siding repairs that are minor in nature. 

  • The cost of repairing holes and dents: $100 to $150
  • The cost of repairing dents: $300 and above 
  • The cost of repairing rot and water damage: $120 to $600

Idea 3 Refresh your old deck

The area where you and your family gather for conversations or just pure relaxation can be a sensible entry in your home improvement list. You could start by cleaning off accumulated and stubborn stains and dirt with a power wash and then move on to giving your old deck a new coat of the right stain. A refinished deck, with its charm renewed, will go a long way in adding even more fun and flavor to your get-togethers and celebrations.

The cost to stain your deck: $500 to $1000

Idea 4 Change your windows

Windows don’t just fill your home with light and fresh air, and they also play a role in reducing your energy consumption and increasing the aesthetic appeal of your property. If your existing windows lack any or more of these factors, it might be a good idea to consider getting a new set.

The minimum cost of replacing a single window: $200 onwards

Idea 5 Restore your roof

Your roof is one of the most significant barriers between you and the outside world. It’s hardly surprising therefore that your roof bears not only the full impact of the weather but even the onslaught of the natural environment surrounding you. Some of the common reasons to include roof repairs within your affordable home improvement plan are leaky spots, broken shingles, missing flashing, damaged gutters and a damaged roof ridge cap, to name a few.

Here are the average costs for repairing minor roof issues:

  • Roof leakages: $350 to $1500
  • Missing or damaged flashing: $200 to $500
  • Damaged gutters: $180 to 550
  • Damaged roof ridge cap: $200 to $700

Idea 6 Change your bathroom

A well-designed bathroom is the litmus test for every home. Make sure you don’t leave this small but important space behind when planning a budget-friendly home improvement. Since a complete bathroom remodels will be expensive and will cost anywhere from $6000 to $16,000, it would be advisable to go about this task in well-timed installments. For instance, you could choose to change your tiles or countertops initially and then move on to upgrade your accessories or main fixtures and so on. 

Idea 7 Restore your front door

A sharp and aesthetic front door does wonders to the façade of your home. If your door has lost its luster but none of its solidity, all you need to do is give it a refinish. The process would involve removing the existing finish, carrying out minor repairs wherever necessary and finally applying the new finish.

The cost to refinish your front door: $230 to $520

 If you’re thinking of improving or enhancing a few things about your home, we hope this blog with its recommended tips and indicative costs, comes in handy. If you’re thinking of asking your friends for recommendations or searching the net for reliable home improvement service companies, exterior painting contractors, siding contractors in Ardmore or contractors specializing in home deck repair, you can save yourself the trouble by calling us at 610 896 6388. We’re Hynes Roofing & Siding, a company known for its professionalism in approaching home improvement needs and personalized way of nurturing relationships with homeowners. Do give us a try and we’ll look forward to not just serving you but welcoming you into our steadily growing family of customers who’re happy with Hynes.

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