A deck doesn’t just add aesthetic value to your home, it adds happiness, warmth and celebration to your life. From family dinners to birthday parties to barbeque get-togethers, your deck is where you mingle with family, friends and your world. The great view that you enjoy too is an added advantage of having a deck. Like all parts or areas of your home, your deck too will experience its share of wear and tear and bring you to the point where you’ll need to decide between repairs and replacement. At Hynes Construction, we always look forward to guiding our customers to the right decisions. Here’s a short compilation of facts that will help you decide whether your deck needs mere repairs or a complete replacement.

home deck repair

 When to repair your deck:

 1. You spot patches of rot
Don’t let the state of a few panels make you decide the fate of your entire deck.  If you spot signs of rot or mildew on a few of your deck’s wooden panels, this situation can be easily and economically remedied by replacement of individual pieces. 

 2. You get a shaky feeling
Your knees start to feel a bit weak and wobbly every time you stand at the edge of your deck. If your deck’s railing doesn’t hold firmly in place when you hold it, all you need to do is tighten or replace the nails.

 3. You notice cracks
Like humans, planks on your deck too are vulnerable and can crack under pressure from the elements. If the cracks you see are restricted to only a few planks, you can have them replaced individually.

 4. You feel unsteady when walking
Does it feel like the earth will shift under your feet any minute? Rattling or moving floor boards may be caused by loosened joists. Replacements will help you restore the tight fit and get a rock-steady floor board under your feet once again. 

 5. You see rust
Some colors neither tempt you nor calm you, they just worry you. If you happen to see stretches of orange-brown or rust on your deck’s metal components, resolve the matter by bringing in fresh replacements. 

When to replace your deck:

 1. You feel unsafe 
Your deck seems as solid as a pack of cards. That unsafe, unsteady feeling could be because the joists and beams that support your deck have rotted or softened, or if your deck’s foundation itself has shifted. Not a problem that can be solved by repairs.

 2. You find gaps that seem to be widening
Gaps between teeth can be addressed, so can gaps between your deck and home that are caused by failing ledger boards. A new wooden platform installation is the best solution.

 3. You see signs of erosion
Constant exposure to rough weather conditions can weaken your deck’s foundation over time. If the concrete anchors that hold your posts are in a state of erosion, you need to replace them.

 4. You need to update
Your gadgets may follow the latest trends but does your deck? If your deck is old and not in step with contemporary building regulations, a replacement built to the current code is what you need without delay.  

5. You want to change the design
A change of view refreshes both your mind and living environment. If you’re thinking of either changing the material of your deck – say from wood to composite, or its design, you may also need to install a new foundation that supports the new deck. Overall, it’s an open and shut case of replacement.

 Knowledge eases the process of taking decisions and we hope this article will help you take the right decision when it comes to replacing or repairing your deck. In case you’d like to consult a professional deck contractor near me for building a rooftop deck, carrying out fiberglass deck repair or home deck repair / replacement, do feel free to get in touch with us at Hynes Construction. With over four decades of proven experience and reliable craftsmanship backing us, we’ll help you not just take the right decision but also see the right result.

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