Some decisions end up better when not taken in a hurry. Choosing a contractor is one of them. After all, this is someone who’ll be impacting not just the structural integrity of your home but even the quality of the day-to-day life experienced by you and your family. No brainer then, every bit of scrutiny will only help you make the right choice. Hynes Construction has always concerned itself with the genuine well-being of its customers and the community it serves. Keeping with this tradition of compassion and care, here’s an article that will familiarize you with the most important do’s and don’ts of choosing the right contractor for your roofing or siding job.

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 First, The Do’s:

1. Ask people you know for recommendations
Check around with friends and family. Since roofing and siding installations and repairs are fairly common needs, you are bound to find someone who has had some work done. If the job was done right, you’ll get a reference you can trust. If not, you’ll at least be forewarned!

 2. Look at online reviews and ratings
With a few clicks and scrolls at sites like Angie’s List, Better Business Bureau, Yelp, HomeAdvisor, Facebook or Google, you can tap into the direct (and of course, pleasant / unpleasant) experiences of home owners like you. These genuine reviews will help you know which contractors to let into your home and which, to keep away for good.

 3. Request references and work examples
When it comes to determining credibility, results speak louder than words. So, ask the contractor to provide references as well as examples of past work. That way, you’ll know what’s headed your way. Quality and timeliness, or compromises and delays.

 4. Check if they’re insured
If a contractor checks all your boxes but isn’t covered with liability insurance and workman’s compensation, don’t hire. A contractor who’s covered will mean you won’t have to bear the expenses or compensation, if something goes wrong while the project is underway.

 Next, The Don’ts:

1. Don’t settle on the first contractor.
It may be possible that you’ve found craftsmanship at first sight. But in matters of the home, it’s always advisable to do a little looking around. Consider a minimum of three contractors before you decide to invest your money (and your trust).

 2. Don’t hesitate to ask  questions.
A contractor who doesn’t seem comfortable around your questions is not a good sign. A professional contractor however, will look forward to winning your trust the old fashioned way. By providing rock-solid answers no matter what you ask.

 3. Don’t agree unless you get a written estimate
No matter how trustworthy a contractor may appear, go by the rules. Ask for a written estimate, which will also cover details like start-finish date, materials, costs, guarantees and more. If it’s on paper, it’s as good as being engraved in stone.

 4. Don’t forget to ask for Warranties
There are two types of warranties you need to ask for, when choosing a contractor. A materials warranty that covers any defect in materials; and a labor warranty that ensures the contractor will remedy any issue relating to installation, repairs or any other work that you’re getting done.

 5. Don’t ignore signs of unprofessionalism
If you experience incidents like unreturned  phone calls or emails, lack of follow-ups, delayed  or cancelled inspection visits to your home or hesitation in providing answers, it just may be a sign of the experience (frustrating) that lies ahead.

We trust this article will help you with all the essentials to choose a contractor who’s right for your home. If you want to skip the process and get straight to an answer that’s vetted by hundreds of delighted customers when it comes to Commercial Roofing In Ardmore PA, Roofers near me, roof maintenance services or Roof and Siding Contractors near you, just get in touch with us at Hynes Construction. We’ll be delighted to take up your job and give it the professional result it truly deserves.

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