A window can change the look, feel and energy of your home. So when you are thinking about getting new replacement windows, treat it as a chance to fix previous window mistakes and invite more natural light and crisp morning air to your home.

Most Popular Bedroom Windows

A very important thing to remember is that your windows aren’t just a look into the world outside. Your window control the air flow and ventilation of your home, trap heat and help increase energy efficiency. As such, it is crucial your windows are placed right to ensure optimal ventilation and the right style and material for your home. 

We recommend looking for contractors who offer window replacement services to discuss what you want from the windows and which would be the right fit for your home. 

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Before we move on to window styles to choose from, here are a couple of other window decisions you will likely have to make. 

Operable or Inoperable Windows

A lot of people choose to have inoperable windows that only work to let light into the house and increase energy efficiency. But there many merits to owning operable windows. In the long run, you’ll be spending a lot less on cooling if the windows can be opened to facilitate proper ventilation. Plus these windows can be equipped with vinyl or fibre windows to make them more energy efficient. 

Energy Efficient or Not

Energy efficient windows will also lower your heating and cooling costs and are an environmentally sound choice to make. Moving on to what we’re here for, the most popular windows for your home. 

Double Hung Windows

Not just your bedroom but double hung windows are a popular window style in general. Because they can open from the top or bottom, giving you greater control over the airflow. 

Awning Windows

You won’t get the same amount of control over air flow but they are the best windows for any weather. Even in rain and snow, awning windows can just be pushed open and any rain or snow will simply slide down the pane. Letting you take a breath of fresh air in any weather. 

Architectural Windows

While not the most practical windows, architectural windows can help you add a touch of uniqueness to your bedroom. 

Because these don’t open, it is wise to use this window style to complement another. 

Bay Windows

If you have the room, bay windows are possibly the best way to go. With enough room to facilitate seating and add a few books and plants to the frame, these can create a small nook by your window and give you a place to keep extra storage and add extra seating. 

If you have made up your mind about the windows to buy, call [company_phone] and our licensed experts will help you with the glass to choose, the frame to select and any other questions you may have. You can also fill out our contact form and get a free estimate. 

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