When the damage on the roof is more substantial, partial replacement is a typical option, but it is still confined to one or two parts of the roof. It entails removing all of the old shingles from a portion or side of the house. The old roof is then integrated with the new roof at the highs and valleys. New shingles are rarely a perfect match for the old ones. So the major goal here is to avoid the patchwork look that might occur when only a few damaged or missing shingles are repaired.
Roof Maintenance Services
Here is an insight into both sides of a partial roof replacement. 

1) Budget
Pros: A partial roof replacement is just slightly more expensive per square foot than a comprehensive roof replacement.
Cons: The cost of removing and disposing of the old roof material might be equally as high as the cost of replacing the complete roof. Even for a tiny portion of the roof, the fundamental expenses of setting up the project, having a team on-site, dumpsters for disposal, and so on don’t vary significantly.

2) Effectiveness
Pros: The new portion is effectively a new roof with clean felt or moisture barrier and new shingles, it will act similar to a new roof.
Cons: The new portion should last the same amount of time as a new roof. However, keep in mind that it does not significantly lengthen the life of your roof.

3) Time
Pros: Because a partial roof replacement focuses on a smaller region, it is a pretty quick fix.
Cons: The average roof replacement takes about 1–2 days. The partial replacement may save you a day, but it will not extend the life of the older components of the roof.

4) Aesthetic
Pros: Installing new shingles on an entire side or area will not be as noticeable as replacing simply a few missing shingles. The new shingles stretch to a crest or valley, minimizing color or age disparities between the old and new.
Cons: Running the margins of the new section to a ridge or valley helps disguise the comparison of old and new, but it can also make the ridge or valley look bulky or uneven.

Roof maintenance service is one of the most important investments you can make in the safety and value of your house. There are situations when a partial repair makes sense and makes the financial impact easier to bear. However, there are situations when the long-term expenditures and aesthetics of the roof make replacing it all at once more cost-effective. If you’re looking for a reliable commercial roofing contractor, dial-up Hynes right away! We also provide emergency roof repair services in the aftermath of natural disasters such as hurricanes. With over four decades of combined expertise and a team of experienced, trained, and qualified professionals, you can be confident that your Roof maintenance demands will be met with the finest available solutions.

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