Winters can be very harsh. Your roof is the barrier that separates your home’s interior from the outside world. It protects you from snow, hail, rain, ice, branches, and debris if it is in excellent condition. But, if it’s in disrepair, your house may encounter leaks, mold and mildew growth, and other issues. Even a minor leak in the roofline can result in widespread water damage to important home systems. “You’ll end up in a flood if you escape from a leaky roof,” as the saying goes.

Metal roofs are ubiquitous, whether you see them or not.  Did you know that once installed, they usually require little to no maintenance? We have brought you a compilation of the benefits of having metal roofing for your home during winters.


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1. No Snow Accumulation
Snow seldom adheres to metal surfaces, especially tilted ones. A well-maintained metal roof prevents snow accumulation, which helps avoid possible structural damage or leaks inside your home. Metal roofs, particularly those with snow guards, prevent snow from accumulating on top of your property. Snow guards are the sharp teeth-like structures on a metal roof that break up huge pieces of snow while also keeping entrances and pathways safe. They help keep ice jams and blockages at bay.

2. Lighter In Weight
Depending on the thickness and profile of the material, metal roofing weighs between 1 and 3 pounds per square foot. Excessive snow and ice accumulation may be quite damaging to your roof. As a result, the foundation and walls are extremely stressed. Your home can only sustain a certain amount of weight before collapsing. Snow and ice will fall more readily off a metal roof than a shingle roof, resulting in less weight laying above.

3. Incredible Storm Endurance
Metal roofs are resistant to blow-offs.  They will not be pulled off by powerful winds if properly fastened, and will remain in one piece even after the most threatening storms. In fact, it is quite common for metal roofs to last for more than 50 years without requiring significant maintenance.

4. Quick Setup
One of the benefits of metal roofing is that it is simple to install in the winter. Metal roofing materials, unlike shingles or other materials, do not grow brittle in extreme cold, and this form of roofing is very easy to install.

5. Efficient Parallel Working Drainage Systems 
Metal roofing systems typically include interlocking panels to better shed rain and snow. Furthermore, they do not require a steep pitch to be efficient.

6. Energy Efficient
All homes require sufficient insulation, which obviously includes a decent and solid roof. A metal roof is an insulator and it naturally reflects UV radiation, keeping your home warmer in the cold winter months and cooler in the summer.

Now that you’ve learned about the advantages of a metal roof in the winter, you can maintain your home’s curb appeal and keep snow from clogging your roof by installing a high-quality metal roof from the best roofers around you! If you’ve begun your search for a reliable roofing contractor around the neighborhood, contact Hynes without delay. Our home improvement contractors are qualified, licensed and experienced and will help install the right roof to complete the look of your perfect home!

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