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Why winter is the right time to build your deck

The season of decorating the Christmas tree, singing carols over family get-togethers and sitting by the fireplace is also a great time for another activity most homeowners will find pretty unusual. Building a deck. Here are 5 reasons why winter is the best season to start building your custom deck.

5 reasons to hire deck contractors this winter

 1.You’ll get discounts unlike any other season

Spring and summer are seasons when both the demand for decks and the prices for building one are at their peak. But winter time is when the demand for decks falls considerably leaving deck contractors looking for work, to keep their schedules rolling and the money coming in. What does this mean for you? Good, chunky discounts from just about any deck repair company or deck contractor you speak to.

2.You’ll have lesser delays in your schedule

You won’t get to hear a “Sorry, we’re completely busy. Try us another time!” from any deck repair company during wintertime. With schedules of even the topmost contractors freeing up, you’ll have the freedom to book the best deck building experts as per your convenience.

3.You’ll have enough time for permits

During peak season, you may be lucky to find deck contractors who’re ready to take on your project, but you may still need to wait a long for the necessary building or construction permits to fall into place. Winter season gives you an early start to procure permits with enough buffer time to absorb delays and still get your deck built in time for spring season.

4.You’ll build a deck that’s more solid

The dryness of the winter season also makes it an ideal time to build your deck. The wood will neither swell nor develop warps, twists and cracks like it’s prone to, during spring or summertime when the humidity is high. A deck built in winter time will therefore be more stable in its composition and less prone to future repairs.

5.Your landscape will be better protected

Your lawn or front yard is softer and has more moisture during the warmer months. As a result, there’s always a high possibility of contractor movements on your property causing damage to your landscape. Winter freezes the ground on your property real solid, making it impervious to the movement of both man and equipment.

Contrary to what many homeowners think, embarking on a deck building project during wintertime can be a really smart move. If the reasons listed above have inspired you to prepone your deck building activity to this winter season, we can surely help you. We’re Hynes Roofing & Siding and we’re one of the most reputed home improvement companies for deck building as well as roof maintenance services along the Main Line. Call our contractors at 610-546-7844 and you’ll discover surprising deals in addition to some of the finest deck building talent in the business.

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