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How to find the right Siding Contractor for your home improvement

The end of the year is a good time to undertake any home improvement activity. It’s a time when contractors are more easily available, as are materials and labor for the job that you have in mind. However, even though you may not have a hard time finding siding contractors, you’ll still need to do your due diligence before hiring one. Here are 8 tips that will help you find a siding contractor who’s right for your job.

How to find the right Siding Services company for your home

 1. Start with referrals

 Your close community of family and friends is a great source of information; one that can easily and reliably lead you to some of the best roof and siding services in Ardmore. All you need to do is ask those close to you for a reference, in case they have had a siding job done recently or in the past. It might also be that perfect excuse to catch up with folks with whom you may not have been in touch, for a while.

 2. See what local customers are saying

 A happy homeowner can be counted on to share their secret with other fellow homeowners. You can figure out which siding contractor is well reputed in your area by looking up customer reviews on common review platforms like Facebook, Google, Yelp, Angie’s List, Trustpilot and so on. 91% of customers read at least one review before purchasing a product or service and so, checking reviews left by homeowners like you will not only help save you time and effort but will also protect your home and investment.

 3. Look for certifications  

 Certification is your assurance that the roof and siding contractor has the requisite knowledge and skills to handle construction as well as remodeling projects. One of the most commonly recognized certifications for contractors is from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). It’s also important for the home improvement service company to have installers who are certified by credible organizations.

 4. Check if the contractor is insurance-covered

 Any home improvement project comes with the risk of accidents. Though these events cannot be foreseen or prevented, they can be guarded against, financially speaking. Choose a home improvement service company that has workers’ insurance, as this protects you from any liability resulting from an accident on your premises during the course of your siding installation.

 5. Ask about warranties

 Imagine paying to replace your entire siding and discovering defects or damages in the siding material after the completion of the project. A Manufacturer’s warranty assures you of a replacement in such scenarios. Also, check if the siding contractor offers a Contractor Labor warranty – which will safeguard you from bearing additional costs if the siding installation goes wrong.

 6. Do a background check 

It’s not enough for the contractor in your consideration to be licensed, certified and insured. To be completely safe in making your choice, you also need to ensure the contractor has a clean work record. Do a background check on contractors offering siding services in Ardmore by looking up sites like the Better Business Bureau.

 7. Ask for the contractor’s work profile

 No matter what any website tells you, nothing can prove more conclusive than the actual work done by the roof and siding contractor. Request for references of completed siding projects. This alone should give you a sign – confident contractors will willingly share their work while those with a history to hide, won’t.

 8. Inquire about materials

 The materials that will go up on your home’s exterior matter, if you’re looking for a professional quality siding installation experience. Check with the siding contractor about the brands or materials that they intend to use in the project, and then do your own research. If you’re satisfied with the choice, go ahead. Else, you could either request shifting to a brand of your choice or look for another contractor.

 It’s better to do the initial hard work when looking for a contractor, as this could save you from a lot of unwanted surprises. We trust the tips shared here will help you in identifying a siding contractor who’ll do justice to both your wishes and investment. If you want to find trusted siding contractors without the effort, reach out to us at Hynes Roofing & Siding. With a track record of close to five decades in installing everything from roofs to siding to decks and more, our contractors come with the reputation of not only doing jobs right but doing jobs great.

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