Hiring the right contractor is the difference between an installation done right and a project gone wrong. To elaborate, you could choose the finest window styles or the best window material and still end up with windows that are faulty, unaesthetically installed or prone to maintenance and repairs.

siding and window contractor in Admore PA

As one of the most well-known siding and window contractors in Ardmore PA, we are well aware of the discomfort and inconvenience homeowners have to go through when window installations don’t go as expected. Here’s a blog from our experts who have decades of quality experience in fiber vinyl windows, Ardmore window repair, window replacement services and more, that will guide you with the questions to ask, in order to find the right window contractor for your home.

Questions to ask window contractors

 Q1. How many years have you been in this business?

Some learnings are better acquired through trial and error than by the book. This is where contractors with extensive experience have an edge over those with fewer years under their belt. For instance, a seasoned contractor will be aware of things to watch out for, or things that can go wrong during a window installation. A contractor who’s relatively less experienced may not be as prepared to handle sudden contingencies.

Q2. Do you carry insurance and other relevant qualifications?

This is one of the most important criteria to select the right roofing contractor. Contractors who are covered by comprehensive worker’s compensation and liability insurance will ensure you stay protected from any financial liability arising out of accidents or unforeseen incidents on the job. Hiring a company with the right licenses and certifications will ensure you an installation experience with the least possibility of unpleasant bottlenecks or developments.

Q3. Can you share references of your executed projects?

The proof is in the pudding as they. Or in this case, the installation. Quality contractors will have no qualms in showcasing their work and demonstrating their quality standards, use of materials, attention to details etc. If you come across contractors who dodge this question or delay in showing you what you expect to see, don’t take things any further.

Q4. Do you subcontract your work?

It’s important to know whether your window installation will be done by the contractor you’re interviewing or someone else. If the people you speak with are the same people you’ll be seeing in your home, it’s a good thing. You’ve already vetted them and therefore, can relax as they go about the business of replacing your windows. Give a higher preference to contractors who will handle your job with their own teams.

Q5. Do you offer a warranty?

A warranty covers you in the incident of any issue that crops up after the installation, that’s related to the services offered or material used by the contractor. With contractors who don’t offer warranties, you will need to incur an extra expense to set things right.

Q6. How long will the installation take?

Any home improvement work causes a disruption in your daily routine which inadvertently impacts the comfort of your family. Make sure to ask for a time estimate for your project, and compare it with other contractors. Also, once you get a time estimate you can make sure the contractor adheres to the timeline once work gets underway.

Q7. Do you provide a formal estimate?

An estimate in writing is a guarantee on part of the contractor that you will not see any unpleasant additions in the final cost, once the project is completed. Do not settle for estimates that are provided informally during the course of a meeting or a phone call.

The installation of new windows will improve both your curb appeal as well as comfort. However, you need to ensure you pick the right expert for this job. We hope this blog will leave you better prepared to source, meet and identify a windows contractor who’s right for your home. If you’re looking for Ardmore window repair, siding and window contractors in Ardmore PA or a local contractor with expertise in fiber vinyl windows or window replacement services, we can help you. We’re Hynes Construction, a 1974-established business that is reputed for providing exceptional service and value to customers. Call us at 610 890 5620 and our window installation experts will help you improve both your home’s appeal and energy efficiency with the right windows.

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