There’s no dearth of styles or colors when it comes to painting your home’s exterior. In fact, it could turn out to be an experience that’s as exciting as it’s overwhelming. There are a number of ways in which you can approach this home improvement activity.

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You could see samples of painted homes on the internet, check with your family and friends for ideas about what your next color should be, or turn to exterior home contractors, house painting services or exterior painting service companies of repute, for professional guidance. Here’s a blog that lists 10 great exterior painting options to get you inspired and hopefully, on the path to choosing the right color and style for your home.

1 Pristine White

If you want one color that can make any home – from classic to contemporary, stand out in an array of homes, consider going white. An all-white exterior has an inexplicable ability to impart charm and richness that has stayed unparalleled over centuries. So when you hire an exterior painting contractor or exterior painting service, expect this shade to give your home’s curb appeal an immediate hike. Another advantage of white is its ability to make a home of any size – from small to medium to large, look its charming best.

2 Elegant Gray

When it comes to people, gray may lend the connotations of maturity and seriousness, experience and wisdom. With homes however, gray unfurls a completely different story. In a home, gray can be young, elegant and welcoming without being intimidating in the least. The only catch here is to be at just the right point in the color spectrum. Go too dark, and you’ll create a visage that’s strong and overpowering. Go too light, and you’ll end up with a washout. Find an intermediate hue that harmonizes style with brightness, chic with allure.

3 Sunny Yellow

Home shades don’t get any more cheery than yellow. After all, the cosmic element that makes you rise and shine at the start of every new day too belongs to the same color family. There are a thousand perhaps a million yellows out there to choose from. From lemon yellow to canary yellow to taxi yellow to cheese yellow to banana yellow and plenty more. Choose a shade that you feel makes your home appear casual and peppy without shouting out loud.

4 Trendy Greige

It’s a mix of two colors that are traditional hits with home owners across the US. Grey and Beige. Greige works well when you want to go neutral with the world’s most preferred colors but still want your home to look unique from other ‘neutral’ homes. Because it’s a neutral color, you can use beige to coat your home irrespective of the type of architecture. Greige is among the ‘hot’ colors when it comes to potential home buyers; so you can think of it as an investment that will pay you back manifold.

5 Top it with Red

Like a cherry on a cake, red can make even a simple home come alive when utilized at the right place. Our suggestion, the roof of your home. Of course, what you have underneath to complement a pop of bright red too is important. So, make sure to have a neutral like white for the rest of your home. A combination of subdued class and in-your-face energy is a combination that’s sure to stop eyeballs, even from a distance.

6 Ocean Blue

If you are among the privileged homeowners to have a home within viewing range of a beach, it might be a good idea to give your home a splash of the ocean. Blue. Remember how being close to the ocean washes your mind clear of all its cares. Picture how a shade of that vast and all-embracing ocean on your home will bring you peace and tranquility, even when you’re nowhere close to the waves. By the way, a blue exterior with windows and doors in white make a rich visual combo.

7 Earthy Brown

If you’re looking at creating an ambience that’s beautiful, humble, grand and welcoming – all at the same time, a brown exterior is what you ought to consider. This color of the ‘earth’ will work effortlessly in upping your home’s aesthetics if your property is surrounded by nature. That way, you’ll even get the feel of a home that’s an extension of your pure and unpolluted environs. The humility of an ‘earth’ color gives you an advantage other colors don’t. You get a richness in your exterior that doesn’t go out of its way to get attention.

8 Contemporary Black

Though bold and extremely modern, here’s a shade that should not be played with unless you’re settled in a cold zone. Black absorbs light and heat which means, your interiors will turn into a furnace if you’re in a warm region. But in a cooler place, black can make your home the coolest pad on earth. Make sure to check with the exterior home contractors, house painting services or exterior painting service companies in your consideration list about the pros and cons of going black.

9 Get Metallic

In a world of bricks and stones, metals will immediately be seen as uncommon. It’s no wonder, metallic hues are slowly but surely getting into the color palettes of exterior home contractors, house painting services and exterior painting service companies. When it comes to metallics, you can choose between cool metals – like silver and chrome as well as warm metals – like bronze, copper and gold. Irrespective of whether you choose a cool or warm metallic shade, these hues are sure to lend a hue of sophistication to your property.

10 Two Tone

Can’t fix your mind on any one color? How about two then? Split colors are a novel way to not just give your home a coat of functionality but also a shade of originality. The work lies in determining the right duo from thousands of possible combos. The thumb rule, play one color off the other. Meaning, choose a combination that works purely on the merit of both colors, and not just one.

Giving your home a new coat of paint can be one of your biggest home improvement challenges. We hope the trends featured here will give a good starting point to arrive at a shade or feel that works best for you. Now if you happen to be looking for exterior home contractors, house painting services or a qualified exterior painting service, reach out to the painting contractors at Hynes Construction. Simply contact us or call us at 610 890 6379 and our experts will guide you through the process, start to end. Right from helping you make the right color choices to delivering a professional-grade painting experience, count on the Hynes team to leave an impression as lasting as the shade on your exterior.

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