A roof is an integral part of your home’s structure and a key factor in influencing your comfort and peace of mind. Over time, every kind of roof – from asphalt to concrete and rubber to stone, will experience wear issues owing to several factors like weather, storms, falling debris and even aging. At times, roofing issues may just bring you to the cusp of taking a decision between repairs and replacement.

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How do you know which is the right decision to take? At Hynes Construction, we have decades of experience in just about every kind of roofing requirement including shingle roofing installation and rubber roof coating. In fact, if you’re looking for roofers in Broomall or desire to know the cost of roof replacement, we’re your got-to roofer. Here’s a blog from our experts with signs to look out for, signs that will help you decide whether your home needs roof patch / repairs or roof replacement.

Signs that’ll tell you it’s time to repair your roof

 1 Your roof integrity looks compromised

A roof that’s in good condition will greet you with a sight that’s consistent, no matter where you look. However, a roof that has been damaged in some way will present visible signs like cracks, loose shingles or missing roof tiles. Any or more of these signs mean you need to call an expert for repairs. 

 2 You see a change in color

This could be due to natural fading caused by exposure to sunlight and the elements. Other reasons could be moss or mold growth. If you see roof discoloration in just a few spots, you only need to patch the area that’s affected.

 3 You see sunlight streaming in

This could mean your roof has developed small cracks or holes. Roof punctures can be caused either by falling debris or by careless roofing work done in the past. Roof holes or punctures can allow moisture to leak in and cause significant damage, so repairing them early will work to your advantage.

 4 You see flashings that are out of place

Flashing is the material that you see around vents and chimneys and they prevent moisture or water from leaking into your ceilings or walls. Loose flashings are a sign your roof needs immediate repairs.

 5 You see damaged ridges

The ridge is the upper line that joins the two roof pitches. It is also the split line that channels rainwater onto the slopes. Any damage to the ridge will increase the chances of rainwater seeping into your ceiling and interiors. Call for repairs without delay, if you notice this sign.

 Signs that’ll tell you it’s time to replace your roof

 1 You see the roof sagging

A structurally solid roof will appear completely level at every point with flat and straight surfaces. If you notice irregularities in your roof’s flatness, there could be a number of reasons: water damage, excess weight (carrying excess snow), bad materials or poor installation and aging. If the sagging is severe, the best solution would be a full roof replacement.

 2 You experience extensive water damage

While minor spots and stains are normal over your roof’s lifespan, beware when you see extensive damage resulting from snow accumulation or heavy rainfall. If the leak has weakened the supporting structure or caused heavy damage to your ceiling and walls, it’s time for reroofing.

 3 You see flaking, delamination or powdering

Slate tiles can be turned over and reused to give your roof a new lease. But if you see any of the above signs, then it means the slate has deteriorated and is too porous to be effective. A roof change is what you need.

 4 You see curling or buckling shingles

If the curling or buckling is restricted to a few shingles, these can be replaced by a local roof repair company. However, if the issue is widespread or there’s a bigger problem at play, you’ll need a proper inspection and possibly a full roof replacement.

 5 You see a spike in the energy bills

A roof that’s in good condition without leaks, gaps or holes can help keep the temperature down within your home. In fact, the color and material of your roof also makes a difference. Consider a roof replacement if you’re convinced the existing roof is not doing a good job at insulating your home.

It could be a tricky call, knowing when to make do with roof repairs and when to go in for a full replacement. We hope the signs shared in this blog will help you make the right decision in any roof-related situation. If you’d like to know about the cost of roof replacement or wish to hook up with roofers in Broomall for shingle roofing installation or rubber roof coating, look us up. Hynes Construction is a 40+ year company and among the Top 2% GAF Master Elite Roofers in the country. When it comes to roofing, we’re fully licensed, insured and certified to assist you with just about any need, small or big. Call us at 610 890 5620 and we’ll look forward to the opportunity to serve you with the standard of excellence that has come to be associated with the name Hynes.

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