Your home’s siding isn’t just an armor that protects your exterior from the elements, it’s a vital component that gives your dwelling its unique aesthetic identity and curb appeal. Which is why, deciding on the right siding can be a process that involves considerable time, effort and research on your part.

Siding in Ardmore PA

As a reputed company with expertise in exterior house siding, vinyl siding services and other siding options, we’re trusted by customers for high-quality installation of virtually any kind of Siding in Ardmore PA. Here’s a blog that we believe will ease your job of choosing the siding that will work best for your home.

 1. Vinyl Siding

To maintain a home that’s robust, you need a siding that’s tough. Vinyl Siding is known to maintain its integrity in extreme temperatures, strong winds and basically, rough weather. Apart from being durable, this siding comes in a wide range of colors and even styles. Add to this, its low cost and ease of maintenance and it’s not hard to see why Vinyl Siding is among the most popular siding choices for homes in the US.

Vinyl Siding is light in weight and therefore quick and easy to install. Also, since the color permeates the material and isn’t just superficial, you won’t notice nicks and scratches.  

 2. Wood Siding

If you’re looking to give your home a look that’s timeless and classic, turn to wood. When it comes to variety, wood siding offers a wide choice including hand-cut shakes, machine-cut shingles, clapboard and solid wood and much more. Contrary to what a lot of people believe, all wood siding options are not prone to decay. Cedar and Redwood are common options among homeowners who want the rich look of their wood exteriors to endure the tests of time.

Wood Siding is easy to install and can be painted or stained in almost any color one can imagine. Unlike other types of siding, where replacement of parts may prove difficult if not impossible, wood siding can be easily removed and replaced, even by homeowners without the intervention of an expert. Be advised though, wood siding will need regular maintenance by way of painting and staining to remain resistant to insect and water damage.

 3. Brick Siding

Want a combination of elegance and functionality? Make sure to have Brick Siding in your shortlist. Brick Siding stands up to any kind of weather and scales up a home’s aesthetic aura with its wide variety of colors, textures and styles. With this siding choice, you also get a few uncommon benefits.

Wood Siding acts as a sound barrier, ensuring the noise of the outside world does not permeate into your home and also, the other way around. You also get energy efficiency, which will result in long-term savings on energy bills. Lastly, Brick Siding requires very little maintenance. An occasional power wash is enough to keep them looking as good as new.

 4. Fiber-Cement Siding

If you desire the aesthetic appeal of wood, brick or stucco without straining your budget, turn to Fiber-Cement Siding. Made from a mixture of Portland cement, clay, sand and wood fibers, Fiber-Cement Siding is gaining popularity among homebuyers looking for a siding that has it all. Variety will never be an issue because fiber-cement siding is available in just about any texture or style that you could hope for.

Fiber-Cement Siding doesn’t rot with constant exposure to moisture. It is fire resistant and also termite-proof, fire resistant. The paint doesn’t peel or crack like other siding materials because this siding resists thermal expansion and contraction. Fiber-Cement Siding is available in a pre-finished condition which eliminates the need for painting after installation.

 5. Stucco Siding

Few siding choices deliver a blend of aesthetics, quality and durability as well as Stucco. It’s the reason an increasing number of homes around the US can be found with exteriors sporting a precisely curated blend of Portland cement, lime and water. The main challenge with installing the classic looking Stucco Siding is expertise. Since stucco is rigid in nature, proper installation will help reduce the possibility of unwanted cracks.

Stucco remediation has an immediate effect on any home’s curb appeal. This siding choice comes in a variety of colors and textures – which can be further customized, and can be applied to a range of exteriors including wood and steel. Stucco is fire and moisture resistant and with proper installation and maintenance, can last longer than other building materials.

6. Stone Siding

If you love nature for its fine balance between order and chaos, perfection and imperfection, stone siding will impress you. Unlike other materials, Stone Siding is derived from the earth and therefore, gives your exterior a touch of raw, all-natural charm. Also, its organic nature ensures a plethora of texture and color variations that are hard to find or replicate.

Stone Siding is extremely durable in nature and is resistant to everything from weather and fire to scratches and abrasions. It also has great insulation properties which will help you in keeping down your cooling as well as heating costs down. Another comfort you’ll appreciate is the easy maintenance.

 When it comes to exterior siding, you’ll find an abundance of options to choose from. This blog features some of the most popular or in-trend siding options out there. If you’re planning to change your home’s exterior and are looking for a licensed and qualified contractor with experience in exterior house siding, vinyl siding services or a company that installs Siding in Ardmore, PA, get in touch with us at 610 890 5620. We are Hynes Construction, a reputed home improvement company with 40+ years of proven experience in everything from roofing to siding to windows, painting and more. You can rely on us to guide you through the process of installing a new siding with utmost professionalism and courtesy.

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