Many homeowners still prefer wood for their windows despite the availability of other material alternatives like vinyl, fiberglass and aluminum. After all, wood windows never go out of style; offering a rustic charm and classic look for any architectural style. In addition to its notable appearance, wood has numerous advantages that make it a great window material choice. Hynes Roofing & Siding, your local window and roofing contractor, shares three of them below:

1. Aesthetic Appeal

For many homeowners, aesthetics is the primary basis for choosing wood windows. True enough, nothing beats their elegant, warm appearance that easily lends itself to any home style, particularly old and historic homes. Natural materials offer a unique beauty, which is one reason why you find other window frame materials that mimic the look of wood.

2. High-Quality Insulator

Window and roof replacement pros can attest to the fact that wood doesn’t conduct heat, which means windows with these frame material can provide high-quality insulation. With these installed, indoor heat is retained inside your home, ensuring comfort all year round with minimal HVAC use.

3. Long-Lasting Window Material

Another advantage of wood windows is that they bring value for money. With regular upkeep, expect them to last as long as the homes they’re installed on. Also, painting and varnishing them not only keeps them looking attractive but also helps resist the elements. Wood frames are also sturdy even when exposed to temperature extremes.

At Hynes Roofing & Siding, we offer quality, ENERGY STAR®-rated wood windows replacement. We have many pre-finished options as well as the option to custom paint or stain them to match the current décor of your home. They also include low-maintenance features that allow for easy cleaning.

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