A contract is a binding agreement that is enforceable by law. Those who sign contracts understand that they ought to abide by the contract for as long as it stands.

That said, it’s important for homeowners to know and understand some things that need to be addressed before signing any contract. Knowing what questions to ask a siding and roofing contractor ensures that no one will find themselves in a lopsided contract that won’t benefit them.

Hynes Roofing & Siding discusses some questions homeowners need to ask a siding contractor before signing any contract:

  1. Where Is Your Office Located?– Established roof replacement contractors have office spaces in the areas they serve. These physical office spaces indicate that these contractors aren’t scammers.

  1. Do You Have Referrals And Reviews I Can Look At?– Reviews and referrals work to add credibility to the contractor’s quality of work.

  1. What Sort Of Warranties or Guarantees Does Your Work and/or Product Include?– While manufacturers can offer up to 50 years of warranties for its products, roofing contractors should offer guarantees for workmanship lasting for at least half a year and up to ten years.

  1. Do You Have Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance?– Accidents and mishaps happen. A siding company that has workers compensation insurance will cover the emergency costs when an accident happens to a crew member.

  1. How Long Will the Project Take From Start to Finish?– Homeowners will need to ask contractors about how long the project will take. They will need to ask for a project timeline so they’ll have an idea as to how long the house will remain chaotic and be prepared for it.

  1. When Is Payment Expected and What Is the Schedule?– Homeowners will need to ask contractors about the issue of payment up front. Established contractors normally ask for some money at the start of the project, and ask for the remainder after the project is finished. Contractors that ask for full payment upfront should be avoided.

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