Many homeowners choose tile roofing due to its classic appearance and top-notch durability. Clay is one option for this type of roofing material and while it is heavier than its concrete counterpart, it can last for around 50 years with proper installation and maintenance.

In today’s blog post, Hynes Roofing & Siding, your local roofing contractor, discusses points to consider for these clay tiles.

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Note that not all clay tiles are created the same. To be sure that you are getting the right material, check the tiles’ track record of performance in the climate of your local area. They must be tested for impact, wind and heat resistance.


Clay tile roofing systems shed water during periods of rain and snow. However, water run-off can find its way underneath the roofing material. Roof replacement pros install self-adhered waterproofing membrane to help the whole system prevent any leakage. This component sticks to the roof deck and creates a seal around roof fasteners.


During the roof installation process, the other components should have the same life expectancy as the clay tile material. As such, this roofing system should include perimeter flashing that is made from sturdy, heavy-gauge copper or stainless steel. Using aluminum or galvanized sheet metal flashing is expected to be replaced early in the roof’s service life.

Nails and Other Attachment Components

For clay tiles to adhere securely to the roof deck, use rust-resistant copper or stainless steel nails. These are important in preventing tiles from getting lifted by the wind and creating noise when the tiles rattle against each other. The front edge of the tiles along the roof’s perimeter must be restrained with nose clips. Foam adhesives are not recommended because they provide less reliable attachment.

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