When it comes to painting your exterior, it’s a job best left to professionals. Doing it yourself tends to create problems that might have otherwise been avoided.

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However, if you insist on doing it yourself, try to avoid these common mistakes homeowners make when painting their house exterior by themselves.

DIYing the Job

The first mistake, obviously, is thinking you can do it yourself. If you’re inexperienced, DIYing a paint job will never meet your expectations and will just lead to a waste of time and money. Instead, leave the painting to a painting and roofing contractor like us at Hynes Roofing & Siding. We not only have the skills and training but the exact tools you require for the job.

No Historical Research

Houses built before 1978 usually has a coat of lead-based paint. Look into your property’s history before painting; lead is toxic, so have it removed before proceeding with the endeavor. This cannot be done by yourself and requires a health official or a licensed contractor; consult your state’s regulations before you contact the authorities.

Cutting Costs (and Corners)

Another obvious mistake is that amateurs often buy substandard paint products to save money and apply such paints haphazardly. Paints these days often have hybrid technologies that make them more than just a splash of color, such as energy-efficient properties and this knowledge is something only an experienced siding and roof replacement contractor possesses.

Painting a Dirty Exterior

Do not repaint your exterior before it’s completely clean and dry, as paint does not adhere to a moist, dirty, or grimy surface. If your exterior can handle it, use a pressure or power washer to do so. Otherwise, use a cleaning brush and a mild detergent. Wait for the exterior to air-dry completely before applying paint.

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