When it comes to exterior painting, you may think that it’s easy enough to have it done by yourself. But this means you have to consider several things, such as the right tone of paint for your home, as well as which brushes to use. You may not even be sure whether the surface of your home’s exterior can be painted on without easily peeling off later. Here are some common mistakes you need to know.

Skipping the Primer


It can sometimes be confusing by how paint is used since it’s sometimes marketed as having primer already mixed in. While it’s fine for lighter applications over an existing coat of paint, you still need a primer if you want your paint to increase its bond on the surface. For instance, if you have to paint a bare drywall, you need to get PVA paint and seal over the stains with a high-hiding primer-sealer.


Using the Wrong Paint and Brush


Any professional roofing contractor would know that not all paints are made the same way. In fact, paints are labeled specifically for interior and/or exterior usage, so be sure to get the right kind if you’re planning to paint the exteriors of your home. As for rollers and brushes, don’t get just any other brush for your DIY paint job. Some rollers and brushes are actually meant for specific kinds of paint finishes and they’re designed to be applied over various types of surfaces.


For instance, rollers are meant for smooth surfaces. The smoother the roller, the smoother the surfaces it’s meant to be used for. The paint’s smoothness also depends on which type of roller used for its application. On the other hand, brushes can vary, so a good tip to remember is that the stiffer the brush, the cleaner the line it will cut and the more paint it can hold. You’ll definitely need this when interior painting service your home’s exterior trim.


If you think that properly painting your home’s exteriors is too complicated, don’t hesitate to hire a professional paint and roof replacement contractor to get the job done. Hire Hynes Roofing & Siding today by calling (610) 896-6388, or you can also contact us through our convenient online formWe serve Quakertown and neighboring PA areas.