The harsh winter weather brings unique challenges to your home. Doors freezing shut, like ice dams and other snow-related issues, is something to watch out for this time of the year. Today, Hynes Roofing & Siding, your local door and roofing contractor, discuss why it happens and how it can be prevented.

Why Do Doors Freeze?

When your door leaks air from the inside, it could lead to it freezing shut. Since indoor air is more humid than the outdoor air, it condenses around the perimeter of the door. Once the temperature drops, expect the moisture around your door to freeze. If this happens, don’t force it open as it can result in damage.

How to Deal With a Freezing Door

Door and roof replacement pros recommend being extra careful when trying to open a frozen door. To crack the ice that has formed around the door’s perimeter, try to apply a bit of pressure. Sometimes, it may not work because of the thickness of the ice. For this, you need to use some tools. A knife can be used to scrape away the larger chunks of ice, while a hairdryer helps to melt the remaining ice from the door. Be sure to use a towel to dry the door’s surface.

Preventing Your Door from Freezing

Ensuring a proper seal on your door is one way to keep it from freezing during winter. Replace the weatherstripping if it has already worn down or damaged. However, short-term fixes won’t work if the door is already displaying signs of disrepair. For this, you need to find a suitable replacement for it, preferably a high-quality unit that won’t leak and won’t freeze.

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