Building a rooftop deck or looking to hire a contractor for home deck repair? Here’s how you find a contractor who is reliable, skilled, and experienced.
You can go through our article or skip the work and get yourself the best contractor in your area right away.

roof deck installation

How to find a reliable deck contractor?
Before you start looking for a contractor, have a plan in mind for your perfect deck. Where you want it, how many storeys, what material and what kind of deck furnishings you’ll be adding. If you have your ideal deck in mind, a good contractor can help you find a way to create it or create the closest thing to your vision.

1. Get recommendations
The best way to find a good contractor is through recommendations. Find a friend or a neighbor in your area who has recently had work done on their deck. You can also check with people who’ve recently worked with a contractor on home renovations. If you work off recommendations you can be fairly certain that the work will be up to your expectations and you’ll be getting your money’s worth.

2. Do your research
Before you call any of the contractor’s your friends and family recommended, google them or their company. Look at the work they’ve done before, their reviews, find out if they have the right licensing and any certification, and get a rough estimate of what the whole job should cost you. Once you have all this information, negotiating and having a transparent conversation with the contractor will be a lot easier.

3. Ask the right questions
Once you have done your research and are in the negotiation stage, remember to ask your contractor these things.
Find out about their certification and licensing, and that of the staff’s. You’ll also want to know if every member on their crew is covered by insurance in case of any accidents.

Want to skip all the work?
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