It’s easy to adore and enjoy the warmth and cozy that a fireplace can bring. But in order to maintain its appeal, it’s important to pay attention to your chimney as well.

A variety of chimney problems can occur. And as a homeowner, it’s essential to have basic knowledge of how you can deal with these issues properly. Hynes Roofing & Siding, a trusted roofing contractor, chimney replacement, discusses a few common chimney problems and solutions.


Creosote is the residue that gets stuck in your chimney after burning wood. It comes in different forms, but they’re generally flammable. Creosote is a common cause of chimney fires, so it’s critical to clean your chimney on a regular basis. It’s best to hire a professional chimney sweep since they have the right tools and skills to ensure a thorough job.

Chimney Obstruction

Creosote buildup is one of the most common causes of chimney obstructions. A blockage is very dangerous because it prevents the chimney from operating properly. In some cases, this can enable carbon monoxide fumes to enter the home.

Damage to the Chimney Crown

It can be hard to keep track of the chimney crown since it’s out of sight. Unless you check your chimney regularly, the only time you may discover damage to this part is when you’re doing a roof replacement or repair.

To minimize the risk of damage to the chimney crown, experts recommend waterproofing this part. This will help keep moisture out of your chimney system and prevent cracking and chipping, which can later on cause erosion.

Brickwork Issues

Brickwork problems usually occur when mortar deteriorates. When the mortar is no longer in good condition, this exposes your masonry and entire chimney system to moisture. So to avoid brickwork problems, it’s important to keep moisture out and to replace the mortar when necessary.

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