It’s easy to understand why stucco is such a popular house construction material. It’s visually pleasing, energy-efficient, and requires little upkeep. However, if you reside in a rainy location, your home’s stucco may become prone to water damage, necessitating the search for a stucco repair or cleanup professional.

Stucco Remediation

At Hynes Construction, we are a credible home improvement service specializing in stucco remediation. In this blog, we’ll guide you through all you need to know about stucco remediation procedures so you can make the best decision for your property.

1. The Remediation Process: If your home has a stucco leakage, it must be repaired as soon as possible. The mold and rot will ruin your home’s walls if you ignore them. Our stucco repair procedure will eradicate mold and make your home completely leak-free. Here are the steps we follow to ensure effective stucco remediation:

2. Identify The Issue: The first step is to analyze your home by performing a thorough examination, followed by moisture testing on the outside of your property. Our roofing contractors will evaluate several locations, including the roofing and gutters, exhaust pipes, vents, doors, and windows. This will enable us to assess the degree of the damage and determine which portions of the house are affected.

3. Remove all damaged pieces of Stucco: Once we have determined that your property has a stucco leakage or damage, our technicians begin removing the compromised stucco exterior to gain access to the area beneath.

4. Address The Underlying Issues: Once we have removed the damaged wall surfaces, we may begin the stucco remediation procedure. This frequently entails mold removal and the replacement of moist insulation, which serves as a breeding site for fresh mold development. We may also need to repair damaged wall panels and studs, depending on the degree of the leak. From our experience, the longer you ignore a leak, the more damage it does. Therefore, if you suspect you have a stucco leak, it’s far better to find out what’s going on now than later.

5. Repair Window and Door Issues: If you have stucco issues as a result of poor installation, it’s highly probable that your doors and windows have issues as well. Furthermore, an extensive stucco leak might harm the frame of your windows or doors. Because the house has already been stripped and prepared for repair, it is very convenient and cost-effective to perform these improvements as well.

6. Re-wrap and Re-Side your Home: We will re-wrap your property and apply a new coat of siding once we have repaired the stucco and the underpinning problems. If you prefer stucco, our siding contractors will build fresh stucco siding that will not have any of the past issues – guaranteed. If you want to go for a new curb appeal style, we have a plethora of alternative kinds of style-forward siding available.

How Much Will Stucco Remediation Cost Me?

The stucco remediation cost varies substantially depending on your property’s size and the damage’s extent. However, we estimate that a whole-house stucco strip and siding repair will cost between $50,000 and $100,000.

How long does it take to repair stucco?

This varies on the extent of work necessary, but the average project lasts between 10 and 18 days.

Can you stay in the house while it is being repaired?

You surely can, and nearly everyone for whom we’ve done this work has done so.

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