A functioning gutter system channels water runoffs and snowmelt away from your property. These components must be regularly maintained to ensure they’re in top condition. As soon as you find damage on them, have them fixed right away. Ignoring it could result in a myriad of problems, including water damage that might compromise the structural integrity of your home’s exterior components.

What Causes Gutters to Become Damaged?

Hynes Roofing & Siding, your local gutter and roofing contractor, discusses the various causes of gutter damage you need to be aware of.

Improper Installation

Poor workmanship is one of the causes of early gutter system failure and in most cases, homeowners are not even aware of the problem. When installing gutters, it’s important that they fit under the roof’s drip edge flashing so that water runoffs fall directly into the gutter. Gutters installed in sections must have a complete seal to prevent leaks.

Lack of Gutter Pitch

Improper gutter pitch or slope can lead to standing water that, when combined with clogs, can damage the system and the other exterior components like the roof and siding. Roof replacement pros say that the ideal slope must be at least ¼ inch for every ten feet to the nearest downspout.

Clogs in Gutters

Clogs in gutters and downspouts lead to water damage. Water runoff can’t flow freely away from your home with all the dead leaves, twigs and other debris collecting on the gutter trough. Standing water collects on one part of the gutter system until it spills off, affecting the soffit, fascia, windows and the exterior walls.

Hynes Roofing & Siding offers complete gutter services for customers in the local area. Apart from performing gutter installations, we also clean your existing gutters and equip them with covers to keep them free of any debris that may cause clogs and subsequent damage.

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