A handy guide for homes that are considering Stucco Remediation

The ancient world used it to make their structures more appealing and durable. Thousands of years later, the modern world too relies on it to give all kinds of surfaces and enduring coat of elegance and sophistication. Stucco. A creation that can go on to say something very few materials possibly can. “I’ve been there and coated that!” If you’re looking at stucco remediation for your home, here’s a blog that will help you with the basics of the job.

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Facts to know before remediating your home’s stucco exterior

Stucco: Mankind’s favorite for centuries 

Stucco comes with a history that goes as far back as 1400 BC, when the Greeks used it to coat the internal and external surfaces of their worship places. The very early versions comprised a mixture of lime, sand and crushed marble whereas today’s stucco involves a precise ratio-wise mix of cement, sand and lime or Portland cement, sand and water. Over centuries, stucco journeyed not only across continents but across architectures – covering everything from monumental structures to modest homes along its way. The reasons for stucco’s timeless popularity include – classy appearance, better affordability, good insulation, less maintenance and higher durability.

 Stucco Remediation: When do you need it? 

Unlike stucco repair which involves fixing minor issues that are restricted to the surface, stucco remediation is all about identifying and correcting the underlying causes behind severe problems, which usually calls for a replacement of the existing stucco system. Stucco remediation is more time-consuming, skill-intensive and therefore, more expensive than stucco repair. If you want to know the stucco remediation cost, make sure to contact only those local siding contractors who have proven experience in stucco remediation.

Signs that you need remediation

As with every part of your home, a failing or problematic stucco exterior will manifest through a range of signs. Here are a few tell-tale signs to look out for.

 Sign 1 Leaks in the Siding

There can be two possible causes for the leaks you see. The first is damaged plumbing. The second stucco siding has moisture trapped inside. If a professional plumber rules out the first cause, then you have a sign that points toward remediation. In such an event, it would be prudent to either check the stucco remediation cost online or by contacting reputed contractors in your area. 

Sign 2 Issues with the Caulking

Your door and window caulking is a sealant that prevents air leaks from disrupting the comfort within your home. If you notice missing, shrunken, dried or aged caulking that doesn’t adhere to the trims, consider it a sign of failing stucco which may necessitate stucco remediation from a home improvement service business.

Sign 3 Cracks and discolored patches

Cracks could start as a hairline and eventually run deeper. If you see a crack, there are chances that moisture or water may have already permeated to your interior. If you see dark stains on your stucco, it could either be due to debris getting washed off your roof surface which gets absorbed by your stucco or due to rotting wood underneath the stucco exterior. Either way, you’ll need to take action before further deterioration.

Sign 4 Rot near fixtures

Pay attention to areas around light fixtures for stains, cracks or missing pieces of stucco. Any of these could indicate moisture trapped underneath which is causing the wood to rot. A sign like this will need immediate intervention.

 Stucco Remediation Process: An Overview

If this is the first time you’ll be hiring a contractor for stucco remediation, this step-by-step guide will familiarize you with the process.

 Step 1: Identifying the issue

It takes a detailed and comprehensive inspection of your home – which includes a moisture test, to determine whether you have a stucco failure that needs remediation.  

 Step 2: Remove existing stucco

If your contractor confirms stucco failure, the next step is to remove the old stucco. This will enable the contractor to get a clearer picture of the underlying cause behind the issues you’re facing, for instance, mold growth, leaks, rot or other damage.

 Step 3: Resolve the issue

Once the problem is exposed and understood, the contractor will proceed to rectify or eliminate the problem. This usually involves fixing the leaks or clearing accumulated water that manifest as water damage and stains on your surfaces.

 Step 4: Add new Stucco

Once the problem is fixed, the final step in a meticulously planned and timed process is to add the new stucco. The contractor may follow either the 3 coat or the 1 coat method. In the former, stucco is applied as the first scratch coat, the second brown coat and the final finish coat. In the latter, stucco is applied in just one coat, which lowers the installation time and costs.

 Choose a reliable Stucco Remediator. Call Hynes Roofing & Siding.

Stucco remediation is all about the quality of the job. If done right, your stucco exterior will continue to bring you compliments for years to come. If not, the remediated stucco could lead to further leaks and other forms of damage. This is where we can be of assistance. We’re Hynes Roofing & Siding, a locally owned and operated home improvement service business that’s trusted by thousands of satisfied homeowners for high-quality services and personal attention to customer’s needs. Call 610 880 3943 for stucco contractors who’ll not only clue you into the stucco remediation cost but also deliver a stucco remediation experience that rates among the industry’s best.

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