Spring is the best time for conducting home improvement projects, and siding replacement projects are no exception. Not convinced? Hynes Roofing & Siding, your local roofing contractor, elaborates on what makes springtime an ideal time for siding replacements below:

Minimal Disruptions to Your Day-to-Day Routine

Most homeowners avoid pursuing home improvement projects late in the year because of the frigid weather. Having contractors replace your siding in the middle of winter can result in cold air entering your interior and raising your heating costs. Not to mention moisture can infiltrate parts of your interior while new siding panels are being installed. Spring, in contrast, has mild weather conditions that won’t affect indoor comfort or raise your electricity costs.

Ideal Weather Conditions 

It’s also practical to have contractors replace your siding in weather conditions where they can work efficiently. Contractors would naturally have a harder time installing new siding panels when it’s freezing outside. Plus, there’s also the fact certain types of siding, particularly vinyl, don’t handle cold temperatures well. In sub-zero temperatures, vinyl becomes brittle. Contractors will be able to install a siding replacement—or a roof replacement for that matter—in spring’s mild weather conditions.

Preparations for the Cooling Season in Summer 

Lastly, installing energy-efficient siding in spring prepares your home for summer, when electricity consumption—not to mention the demand for contractor services—spikes. You’ll have an easier time booking an appointment and maximize potential energy savings during the peak of summer if you install energy-efficient siding in spring.

Of course, energy-efficient siding won’t be able to do much for your home if it isn’t installed properly. That‘s why you should check a contractor’s certifications before hiring them.

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