Your windows are at the forefront of keeping your home protected from the cold winds of Winter. So it is important that you replace them when necessary. And now, in the summer, is undoubtedly the best time to replace them. 

Window contractors who offer window replacement services will often be fully booked in the summers, and for good reason. It’s easier to carry out major construction in warmer weather because the weather’s effect on the material is minimized and construction is more convenient for the homeowner and contractor alike. 

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Here are some advantages of a summer window replacement or installation.

1. Good chance of favourable weather conditions
This is probably one you already knew but it cannot be said enough. In winter, removing your existing windows for the replacement can be quite the disruption for your household. Scheduling the replacement for good weather days or planning it in advance can protect you from cold winds blowing in through your windows. 

2. More daylight to work with 
The days are longer, so you have more daylight to keep construction up. Nighttime construction is always an option but often the charges will be higher on account of the lighting that will have to be brought in by the construction crew. 

3. Winter-ready windows 
We’ve mentioned this before but who doesn’t appreciate strong, sturdy windows in the winter? A summer construction gives you enough time to test out the windows and make any changes you need to before the winter starts. 

So, is your home getting new windows this summer? 
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