Your gutters can perform their best only when they are in their best condition. This means the downspouts have to be clear of leaves and debris, the roofs have to raked regularly, and there can’t be any excessive foliage around the gutters. These small oversights are especially problematic, and dangerous, in winter. Clogs create small pockets for ice and water to fill up, which could lead to sloping and cracks in your gutters. The only way around these problems and to avoid constant gutter repairs are the five gutter maintenance tips below. 

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These preventative methods can help you preserve your gutters and keep servicing to a minimum.  

Rake all leaves

Letting leaves collect on the ground is troubling for more reasons than one. The bottom layers eventually start decomposing, making way for disease and pests. Not to forget, leaves will be carried off by the wind and some could end up lodged in your gutters. Left unattended, these can lead to rot in your gutters which would ultimately be expensive to remedy. 

Rake your yard regularly or pay someone to do so for you. 

Don’t let problems escalate

We always recommend months following autumn and winter to have your gutters serviced. The harsh weather conditions are likely to affect the structural integrity of your gutters. And the collecting debris and ice adds to the issues. However, if you notice any clogging, sloping or other small issues, it is best to address them immediately. Putting them off for your post winter maintenance would leave the gutter exposed to the elements while partially impaired. These problems could be worse than they were when they started and end up costing a lot more to fix. 

Book maintenance services

Keep your gutter maintenance jobs booked in advance. Better yet, get in touch with a trusted multi-service company like Hynes Roofing & Siding, and set up a regular maintenance contract. This can help you negotiate the cost and have a professional regularly check your gutters to identify any small problems and take care of them before the situation gets worse. 

Check downspouts

If you have all the equipment required to help you safely get to the gutters, testing your downspouts can be a good way to determine the amount of servicing required before winter. Hose water into the downspout and watch for any backlog of water. If you think your gutters are clogged, contact a local roof contractor or gutter contractors  and have the entire gutter system cleaned of debris and leaves. If the water can run freely through the gutter system, you are less likely to have to spend big bucks on servicing after winter passes. 

While a lot of gutter maintenance and cleaning may seem like an easy weekend task, keep in mind that gaining access to your gutter system requires a fair share of training and the right equipment. For your safety, and for the safety of those helping you out, it’s best to contact a professional gutter cleaner or contractor to inspect and repair your gutters. 

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