You’ve had stucco siding on your walls for a while now. You’ve paid for stucco remediation, borne the stucco remediation cost and now you want a siding that looks just as good but requires less maintenance. In most cases, stucco siding needs constant remediation because it was installed incorrectly or the material used wasn’t of the best quality. If you are only making the switch from stucco to other materials because of the constant need for repairs and remediation, you can contact trusted roofing and siding companies near you and have new stucco siding installed. But if you are sure about wanting to make the switch to other materials, here’s a short guide on the alternatives available to you.

Who do I call for stucco remediation near me?
If you still think that your house would look better with stucco and match the overall aesthetic of your neighborhood, call Hynes Roofing and Siding on [company_phone] and our experts will help you find the best stucco material and install with great care. 

stucco remediation cost

Stucco alternatives to choose from
Back to where we started. Here are a few stylish options you can choose from when replacing your stucco siding. 

1. Fiber Cement Siding
Fiber cement siding offers a similar look as stucco. It is also less expensive and more durable and long-lasting than stucco. A good fiber cement siding will offer you relief from termites and rot, not retain any moisture and keep the internal walls protected and offer resistance to fire. 

2. Composite Siding
Composite siding is engineered to be weather-resistant and mimics the style of rustic siding. The unique look and many advantages make it a worthy alternative for stucco.   

3. Vinyl Siding
When you think of luxury alternatives, we know vinyl is not what comes to mind. But trust us when we say, you are missing out on a very stylish, premium quality material. Luxury vinyl has a more upscale look than traditional vinyl, a wide range of colors to choose from, and a weightier feel. It is also water resistant and fairly affordable. 

4. Stone Veneer
We saved the best for last. Not only is stone durable, it is an excellent alternative for an upscale, chic home aesthetic. Whether you use stone primarily or as an accent siding, it is a great contemporary look for your home. Stone isn’t prone to rot or mold, it is fire resistant, weather resistant and looks great doing all of it! It is a slightly more expensive option, but completely worth it. 

Give us a call!
Even if you have a preference, it is always good to get an expert’s opinion on the best material for your home based on the climate, location, weather, home style and neighborhood. We at Hynes Roofing & Siding are the best roofers on the mainline and a full service company with glowing recommendations from all our clients. Give us a call on [company_phone] or fill our contact form for a callback and free estimate from our certified, experienced contractors. 

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