Chimney Flashing is a kind of roof flashing that forms a watertight barrier to keep water out of your chimney and roof. It serves as weather stripping for your chimney. The Flashing is put where your chimney meets your roof and is built of vinyl, aluminum, or steel. If the flashing around your chimney breaks and starts turning troublesome, it may cause major damage to your roofing, attic, and even interior rooms. Chimney Flashing is best handled by experts as it is easily prone to damage and leaks on a roof. Here are 5 reasons why a professional contractor must be consulted for a chimney flashing.

Chimney Flashing Repair

1) Roof Inspection In Detail
When you engage a professional contractor to inspect your chimney, they will look at much more than just the flashing. They will examine your chimney cap, liner, and other components to ensure that everything looks sound and performs correctly. These inspections can save your home if you frequently use your fireplace during the heating season, as they reduce the likelihood of chimney fires spreading to your home.

2) Material Expenses
Material prices will be around the same whether you perform the work yourself or employ a professional roofing contractor. The big difference is that if you lack the knowledge to correctly repair the roof, you will end up spending more money to hire a contractor to not only mend your mistakes but also to repair the roof. The cost of resealing the flashing or replacing your chimney depends on the size of the chimney, the flashing material, and the type of roof.

3) Mortar Joint Deterioration Or Discolored Bricks
Mortar joints connect the bricks on your chimney. If the mortar joints have severely deteriorated, they will be unable to sustain the weight of the bricks, putting your house and safety in danger. An average homeowner may be unable to spot more subtle indicators of decaying mortar joints or discolored bricks, which are signs of a broken chimney flashing, thus this is one sort of problem best left to the professionals.

4) Roofing Warranty is Protected
Most roofing warranties require homeowners to get their roofs inspected at least once a year. Hiring a professional for your Chimney Flashing Repair will help you in preventing complications that result in warranty voidance. Improper roof repair and maintenance, poor installation, and unauthorized modifications are examples.

5) Safety
Flashing inspections are dangerous for those with little experience or knowledge of roofing systems. Stepping in soft places can result in tripping and a potentially fatal accident. A potential contractor, on the other hand, will use their experience to locate a possibly dangerous region and prevent mishaps. During the examination, they will also utilize safety equipment to avoid damaging the roofing material.

A broken chimney, regardless of the reason, can detract from the beauty and safety of your house. If your chimney flashing hasn’t been inspected in a while, schedule an inspection right away with Hynes. Our expert technicians have addressed practically every chimney problem from cracked bricks to emergency chimney repair and chimney replacement. Contact our professional contractor right away for your free estimate today.


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