A chimney is quite often the most overlooked part of a home. But the smallest of issues with this structural element of your home, if left untreated, could impact not just the overall integrity of your home but also the safety of your family. Since our establishment in 1974, we have always done our best to enlighten our customers about signs that indicate the need for home improvement. Here are 5 signs you need to look for, to know whether your chimney needs structural repairs or complete replacement.

chimney replacement

 Sign 1: Your chimney has started to leak
If it rains and you either find water dripping from your chimney or moisture developing around it, it’s an issue you need to deal with immediately. Because a chimney with a leak will allow rain water in and the resulting moisture will seep through your roof, into your interior and walls causing the formation of mold and other major issues.

 Sign 2: Your chimney crown has cracked
 Your chimney crown is the barrier that protects your chimney’s brick structure from the elements. If you see it cracked or damaged, call for repairs. A cracked chimney crown will cause water to seep into your chimney, the surrounding masonry and eventually into the walls and interiors of your property. A cracked chimney crown can also create a doorway for insects and pests to enter your home.

 Sign 3:   Your chimney’s mortar joints are damaged 
If you happen to climb up on your roof every once in a while, to get a view of your chimney, check the mortar joints. These joints keep your chimney’s structure tight and in place. If you see the mortar joints saturated by water – due to repeated exposure to water, snow, ice and seasonal humidity, call your contractor. If the damage worsens, your chimney’s mortar joints will not be able to support the chimney and that can put the safety and well-being of your home and family to risk.

Sign 4: You spot chimney tile flakes
The next time you tend to your fireplace, remember to take a closer look at the base. If you see flakes of chimney tile, this means your chimney liner is damaged. Get your chimney liner replaced as soon as possible because a damaged chimney liner will cause the gases inside to mix with the air outside which could pose a serious fire hazard.

 Sign 5:  Your chimney’s bricks are damaged 
Check the integrity of the bricks that hold your chimney together. Any sign of flaking, peeling, crumbling or loosening will mean chimney damage. Schedule a contractor visit for chimney repairs right away.

A chimney is a critical element of your home which needs to be checked and maintained in order to perform safely and optimally. If by any chance, you spot any one or more of these listed signs and would like to contact an experienced contractor for chimney replacement, emergency chimney repair, metal roof chimney flashing or chimney flashing repair near you, give us a call. We’re Hynes Construction, a 40+ year old company with expertise in a whole range of home improvement areas which includes chimney rebuilding, repair and maintenance. With our team of licensed, insured and qualified technicians, you can count on us to fix or completely rebuild your chimney in a way that’s professional, reliable and affordable.


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