It’s not the easiest of tasks, choosing a contractor who you can trust to get your home’s painting job done right. In the right hands, it’s a job that will yield a great new look for your home and a shiny coat of happiness for your family. In the wrong hands, it’s an experience that will put you and your family through shades of unpleasant, unwanted surprises. Hynes Construction places the contentment and well-being of its customers and community above all else and so, here’s a compilation of facts that we believe you’ll find useful in picking out the right paint contractor for your home from the sea of choices out there.

exterior painting contractor

 1. Look for reviews, ask for references
One of the first things you can do is to click onto platforms like HomeAdvisor, Google, BBB, Yelp or even Facebook to check reviews of paint contractors left by other customers. See whether the contractor you’re considering has earned brownie points or brickbats! Another way to check reputation and work history is to ask for references of past projects or customers.

 2. Check for Licensing and Insurance
In fact, this is one of the most crucial steps in determining the credibility of any contractor. If you come across a contractor who is licensed but not insured or is neither licensed or insured, tick him off your list for good. Trust us, you’ll have more peace of mind not working with the wrong kind of people than while having them around your house.

 3. A complete and professional estimate
Contractors who’re reliable, honest and professional will be upfront, right from the start. When they give you an estimate, it will be detailed and it will cover their services down to the specifics of what, where, when and how much. A contractor who dodges your request for a formal request may surprise you later with charges or expenses that were neither discussed nor agreed upon.

 4. Own employees or subcontractors
A contractor who shows up for work with his own team is always preferable to one who turns up with a quickly assembled but borrowed team. Contractors with their own employees give you the assurance of a professional with values, standards and aspirations to be bigger and better at what they do.

 5. Response and Attitude
Skills and experience are deciders but then so are attitude and response. Keep an eye on how the contractor treats you or responds to you when you need something, like an answer, a quote, a timeline even. A contractor who’s right for your job and home will earn your confidence and will also make you feel comfortable every time you call up or meet up to discuss your project.

 6. Quality of Products
Some choices help save money but these may not necessarily be good for the long term quality of your home’s exterior. Be sure to ask your contractor about the products he intends to use in your home. If you desire quality work, insist on quality products from top notch manufacturers.

 7. Pre-painting Prep
The new shouldn’t come at the cost of the old. Your contractor should have a clear plan or method for protecting your home’s assets like furniture, floors and other valuables during the course of the project. After all, it’s taken you years to put your home together the way it is and you certainly don’t want things getting undone in a week.

 We trust this article will help you take the right steps in identifying a paint contractor who’s right for your job and more importantly, your home. If you need further guidance or if you’re seeking an expert exterior painting contractor for exterior painting service, interior painting service or any other home improvement service, feel free to give us a call. At Hynes, we come with over four decades of quality experience and we’ll be more than delighted to handle your home’s painting requirement the Hynes way.

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