Your home has continued to serve you and your family since the day you first walked in through its door. With its pleasing décor, attractive exterior and comforting inner spaces, your home has ensured not only the comfort and happiness but even the safety and well-being of your family across a period of years. Like all homes that have the tough job of standing up to the elements, your home too may need a little refurbishing and pampering from time to time. If you believe it’s time to give your home’s exterior a new life, here’s a blog you will find helpful. Give it a read before you begin your search for local contractors who provide exterior home improvements, exterior painting services or interior painting services.

exterior home improvements

Important tips for planning your exterior home improvement project

Tip 1. Plan the project

The first step to initiating a remodeling of your home’s exterior is to define the scale and scope of the project. For instance, will your sidings need to be partially or completely replaced? Will your roof need to be patched or reinstalled? Do your windows need new paint or a new material? And so on. Having a clear overview of what you need and what you don’t, will help you create a full and accurate checklist to take forward.

Tip 2. Look around for inspiration

A lot would have changed in the world around you since the last time you got some work done on your home’s exterior. It would therefore be a good idea to look around the homes in your neighborhood and on the internet, to get a picture of what’s in, what’s out, what’s enduring, what’s short-lived and so on. Accumulate references based on your casual search and then get down to freezing the style or look that you want for your home upgrade. These references will also come in handy when you get to the stage of meeting up with contractors skilled in exterior home improvements, exterior painting services or interior painting services to discuss your requirements.

Tip 3. Work out a rough cost

Make sure the dreams you have for your home’s new look can be accommodated within your existing financial schedule. Speak to friends and neighbors or just look up costs on the internet, and you’ll get a rough idea of what it will cost you to put your dream into action or may we say, construction. Creating a rough cost structure will also enable you to determine whether you want to go ahead full steam or cut back in some areas.

Tip 4. Identify the right contractor

How well your dreams translate into reality will depend to a large extent on the capability of the contractor you hire for the job. Speak to friends and neighbors for recommendations. Look up review platforms on the internet for reviews of contractors providing exterior home improvements, exterior painting services or even interior painting services in your area. Compile a shortlist of contractors based on quality, experience, certifications & licenses and other parameters, and speak to every one of them. A process of thorough scrutiny will lead you to a contractor that you feel is best suited for your home’s exterior improvement project.

Tip 5. Consider the weather

The weather plays a key role in determining how smoothly and efficiently your project takes shape. According to experts, the best time to initiate exterior improvement projects lies between spring and fall. For instance, if the weather’s too hot, it will cut the number of work hours your contractor is able to put in each day. If the weather’s too cold, it could lead to problems caused by moisture. A climate that’s 45 degrees or warmer is the ideal weather to embark on a project involving your home’s exterior.

Tip 6. Break the job into phases

Deciding to let your contractor have a go at every facet of your home’s exterior may not be the best plan. Not only will starting everything at once lead to inconveniences for you and your family, it will also lead to a mounting expense you may not be comfortable with. Instead, decide to start the work with selected sections and then take a call for the remaining work.

Tip 7. Do your research on materials

Finding the right contractor no doubt frees you of the worry of placing your trust and home in the wrong hands. However, do you own due diligence about the prevailing rates of materials and supplies that go into the usual process of exterior improvement. For instance, you could check the costs of materials like paints, sidings, shingles etc. to get a pulse of the existing market pricing. This will insulate you from any possibility of spiked up pricing on the part of your contractor.

Tip 8. Ensure aesthetics and efficiency

When choosing between styles and materials, also consider how your home is going to benefit from the new inclusions or changes. Make sure your windows not only give an uplift to your home’s appearance but also bring a reduction in your energy bills. Make sure your shingles increase your home’s curb appeal and also cut down the damage caused by the sun’s UV rays.  Balancing improved aesthetics with increased efficiency will help you experience the best of both worlds.

It’s exciting to embark on the plan of refreshing your home’s exterior and giving yourself and your family a whole new experience. Like all home improvement tasks, changing your home’s exterior will proceed smoothly with minimal chances of unpleasant developments if planned well right from the start. We hope the 8 tips listed here will help you plan and execute your dream in the best way possible. If you’re looking to get in touch with professional-grade contractors with decades of experience in exterior home improvements, exterior painting services or interior painting services, call 610 880 3890 to get in touch with us at Hynes Roofing & Siding. Founded in 1974, we have carved a distinctive reputation when it comes to delivering home improvement services with the highest standards of professionalism and customer empathy. Reach out to us and we’ll look forward to changing your home’s exterior in a way only we can.

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