While your porch is a great space to simply sit out and enjoy a great view along with some cool breeze, your deck is where you can celebrate weekends and other occasions with your friends and family. Together, these two spaces deliver an experience of privacy and togetherness that’s simply priceless. However, like all spaces, your home’s two prime outdoor areas can develop a series of problems that may make you go looking for deck and patio contractors ‘near me’ or a deck repair company to help you with home deck repair, fiberglass deck repair, or perhaps, even a roof deck installation. Here’s a blog that will help you understand the usual problems associated with decks and porches and how to deal with them.

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Deck: Problems you need to look out for

1 Rotting patches

Moisture is one of the biggest threats when it comes to wooden decks, and particularly when the wood is untreated. Moist wood creates perfect conditions for the invasion of wood eating fungi. The most susceptible areas are places that have cuts, which enable water to seep in deep. If not stopped, fungi rot can quickly spread across the deck and even lead to weakening of the main structure. Rotting deck wood can be spotted by way of dark or discolored wood that is spongy and can be easily pierced by a screwdriver. A sign like this would be a good enough reason to contact a deck repair company for home deck repair or fiberglass deck repair.

2 Holes in your deck

Holes can form on your deck for a number of reasons. Whatever the reason for their formation, the sooner you deal with them the less severe your deck repair cost is going  to be. Small holes may look insignificant and relatively harmless but over time, these can get bigger in size and weaken your deck boards.

3 Wobbly railings

Railings are a critical part of your deck and ensure the safety of your family by eliminating the possibility of falls. A railing that’s loose or weak on sturdiness is a common issue with decks and should be dealt with immediately by calling a deck repair company with proven experience in deck installation ‘near you’ or home deck repair, before it creates any scope of a hazard.

4 Wood invading insects

Apart from moisture-thriving fungi, wood eating insects are another big watch-out sign. Wood decks are prone to attacks by termites and carpenter ants at some point. you could recognize the infestation of these bugs if you spot signs that include: wood shavings on the ground, rustling sounds within the deck or shed wings on your deck.

Porch: Problems you need to look out for

1 Weak foundation

The foundation of a porch comprises a framework of joists, posts and beams. All made of wood. The absorption of moisture over a period of time tends to weaken these elements which causes the foundation to shift. This in turn results in the porch either sagging or settling into the soil.

2 Damaged floors

Porch floors are prone to the risk of rot and damage as the floorboards are set closer in comparison to decks. The trapped moisture can damage the porch floor even if your porch isn’t directly exposed to rain or water. The area that’s most vulnerable to rot are the points where joists intersect the floorboards.

3 Rotting posts and columns

There’s a thumb rule to spot rot on your porch. Look at areas that are close to the ground and away from the sun. The lack of heat and light encourages the moisture to linger and penetrate surfaces, which can eventually go past the stage of minor repairs towards expensive replacements.  

4 Loose railings

A porch railing that shakes when you grip and rattle it, could either be a sign of rotting wood or nails and screws that are loosening. If it’s a case of the latter, getting your railing firmly into place will be a simple repair job. If the reason is wood rot, you may need to consider calling deck and patio contractors ‘near me’, or a reputed deck repair company to offer the right solution. 

Maintenance tips for Decks

1 Annual inspection

Give your deck a thorough check at least once every year. This would help you identify a range of issues from rotting wood to wobbly boards to corroded fasteners or screws to shaky railings and more.

2 Reseal  your deck

The treatment of your deck doesn’t last indefinitely and once the protective coat wears off, your deck is susceptible to damage from moisture and other elements. Schedule a cleaning and sealing session once every 2 to 3 years, using the services of a qualified deck repair company or deck and patio contractors ‘near me’ with experience in this field. 

3 Restain your deck

Resealing your deck also gives you the opportunity to check whether your deck needs a fresh dab of color. If your deck has lost its color, use an oil-based stain as it lasts longer and requires less maintenance.

4 Give it a routine clean

Keep your deck clean by clearing away dirt, snow and debris that tend to accumulate on the surface. A combination of ordinary soap and warm water is a reliable cleaning mixture that will bring back your deck’s gloss without causing any harm.

Maintenance tips for Porches 

1 Clear the space

Your first step to cleaning the porch is to make sure you clear away everything from pots and furniture to mats and lamps, to make sure you have unobstructed access to every inch of your porch space.

2 Begin with dry dusting

Routine dry dusting will not only help you clear your roof corners of cobwebs and ‘homes’ created by insects, it will also enable you to clear off dust, dirt and other accumulated debris off your floor. While you’re at it, you could also give the walls and railings a good dusting too.

3 Move on to wet cleaning

Wet cleaning with a water hose will help you eliminate dust and dirt left over after the dry dusting. The pressure of the water will also enable you to drive away dirt and dust that are tucked away in hard-to-reach places, thereby giving your porch a thorough clean.

4 Give the paint a gentle scrub

If you spot stains on the paint of your porch surfaces, use a soft scrubber along with a mild cleaning solution of soap and warm water. With firm yet gentle swipes, you’ll be able to dislodge any marks that are visible on your porch areas.

Like every space in your home, the deck and porch too deliver a great combination of comfort and functionality. With periodic and proper maintenance, you will be able to not only prolong the lifespan of these home spaces but also keep them in pristine condition for all your home’s best moments. If you’re looking for a deck repair company or deck and patio contractors ‘near me’ for roof deck installation ‘near you’, fiberglass deck repair or home deck repair, call 610 880 3943 to get in touch with us. We are Hynes Construction, a 1974-established company that is popularly regarded as the Main Line’s go-to home improvement specialist. Schedule an appointment with our contractors and you can be sure of witnessing one of the finest experiences in professional service and quality workmanship.

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