Replacing your windows is no easy task. There’s a lot of options to choose from, a lot of things to consider and the pressure of getting it right on the first try. But what if we could help you out? Here’s a look at fiber vinyl windows, two very popular replacement window options, and a brief comparison between them. 

fiberglass windows replacement

1. Cost 
Fiber windows are certainly more expensive than vinyl windows. Vinyl is shorthand for Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), a plastic, whereas fiberglass is fine fibers of glass woven together. Based on the size of your windows, vinyl could be anywhere between 10 or 30 percent cheaper than fiberglass. 

2. Ease of installation
Vinyl windows are without a doubt easier and more forgiving during installation. They are available in several standard windows sizes and unlike fiberglass you won’t have to get them custom-made by a manufacturer. It is also important to note that manufacturers will often void the warranty on fiberglass frames that are not installed by a professional contractor.

3. Durability
While both vinyl and fiberglass windows are resistant to rot, moisture and insects, fiberglass is definitely sturdier and stronger than vinyl. Vinyl frames will expand and contract with the changes in the weather but fiberglass windows can withstand extreme conditions. 

4. Energy efficiency
Due to its excellent weather-proofing and sealing qualities, fibreglass is also very energy efficient. Fibreglass windows can lower your energy bills and provide insulation against sound as well. 

5. Environmental impact 
Vinyl windows are made of PVC and therefore not recyclable. They are also less energy efficient than fiberglass window frames. Fiberglass window frames are fully recyclable and therefore the more eco-friendly option. 

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