Your wooden deck has been the stage for many a parties and calm family nights. But after years of home deck repair, you find yourself wondering, how long will your wood deck last? Well we’ve got the answer. Whether your deck has seen a few years of wear or you are just about to build one for your home, the factors for its long life remain the same. 

Average life span 
The average projected lifespan of a wooden deck can be anywhere between 10 to 30 years. If you have a treated wooden deck, you can expect to host soirees on it for as long as 50 years. But to keep your deck looking as good as new, you’ll need to be prompt with maintenance and repairs. And the amount of repair your deck needs will depend on certain factors. 

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Factors that affect your wood deck’s structural integrity

There are several factors that can speed up the process of deterioration in your deck. 

1. Location 
If your deck doesn’t get a lot of sun, it may be difficult to dry after the rains or heavy snow. This could lead to rot and warping in the wood. 

2. Lumber 
The quality of the wood used for the deck floor will affect its age a great deal. Try to find wood that has very few defects to ensure your deck looks good and is structurally strong. 

3. Position
If your deck is very close to the ground, it’ll likely succumb to the constant exposure to moisture. The proximity to the ground would also affect the ventilation and lead to more moisture retention. 

4. Coating 
The coating you choose for your deck flooring is very important. A wood deck needs good quality coating, something with a wax or oil base to keep moisture from seeping into the wood. 

5. Building a new deck 
If you are building a new wood deck for your house, remember to keep these factors in mind. Give your deck as much ventilation and sun as you can and set up a contract for maintenance with a local construction company or contractor. 

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