Asphalt roofs score over other roofing types with advantages that are hard to find with other roofing types. No wonder, they are a popular roofing choice with homeowners who desire the best of, well, everything. At Hynes Construction, we make it our motto to help our customers make roofing choices that assure them quality as well as affordability. Here’s a quick read on the ‘what’ of asphalt shingles accompanied by the ‘how much’.

asphalt shingles

 Advantages of Asphalt Shingles
1. They are light in weight and therefore easy to work with, as compared to other roof types.

2. They are durable and on an average, can last up to 20 years. Some premium brands boast of products that can more than double this lifespan and last 50 years.

3. They come in an array of colors, which make them versatile enough to suit any home exterior.

4. They reduce the cooling load on a home by reflecting the light and this helps bring down the energy costs.

5. Their aesthetics help increase a home’s curb appeal and therefore its real estate value.

 Disadvantages of Asphalt Shingles
1. Their light weight makes them vulnerable to strong winds, with tearing and uplifting being a strong possibility.

2. Their lifespan can be shortened by excess moisture and heat which can also lead to the development of moss and algae on the roof.

 The types of Asphalt Shingles
This commonly found roof type comes in three varieties.

1. Organic-mat based: Made up of paper coated with asphalt, this is the most affordable of the options and is waterproof.

2. Fiberglass: Treated with a resin, this type is both waterproof and fire resistant.

3, Architectural Style: Composed of two layers of shingles that are treated and bonded with a sealant; aesthetically pleasing and enhances the visual appeal of any roof.

 The Cost of Asphalt Shingles
The cost would vary as per the area of your home.

  • For an 1800 sq.ft. home:

Between $3.50 to $5.50 per sq.ft. or $350 to $550 per square (100 sq.ft.)

  • For a standard-sized single story home:

Between $1.50 to $5.50 per sq.ft. or $150 to $550 per square (100 sq.ft.)

 The cost breakup for a 2500 sq.ft. home: (% of total cost)
1. Remove and Dispose  (Labour) 9%

2. Disposal 8%

3. Roofing (Labour) 29%

4. New Roofing 32%

5. Upgrade Roofing 22%

 Terms and Conditions for the pricing:
1. Roof height is less than 16 feet and doesn’t require safety rigging

2. Roof is undamaged and in perfect condition to be replaced

3. Prices available on service in the immediate service area of the provider

4. Taxes and permit fees not included

 We trust this article will familiarize you with useful facts about asphalt shingles besides of course the cost involved in installing it. If you’re looking for a local roofing contractor or emergency roofing service in Ardmore PA to give your roof the utility and elegance of asphalt shingles, give us a call. With over 40 years of experience as a leading quality roofer, we have licensed, qualified and experienced professionals to give you an installation experience you’ll find both durable and memorable. 

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