Resealing is an important step in extending the life of your flat roof and protecting it from the elements. Flat roofs traditionally last for about 10 years but with a correctly applied, good quality coating, you can expect it to last a lot longer than projected. But the question remains, why and when should you reseal your flat roof. 

Any good exterior home contractors will be able to guide you through this process and even set up a flat roof repair and maintenance contract with you. 

But it’s still good to have some idea about what the job entails. 

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When do you need flat roof maintenance?
If you’ve noticed water ponding on your roof, we’d suggest you reach out to a roofing contractor because your flat roof will develop a leak sooner or later and cause more damage to the interior structure. Regardless of any ponding though, resealing your roof once every five years is a good measure to prevent any water damage to your home or business. The frequency may change due to harsher climates. Constant rain and snow can wear your flat roof down. So it is best to have a contractor check on it regularly for any weather-caused damage. 

Why should you reseal your flat roof? 
Like we’ve said before, hiring a professional can relieve you from the burden of checking on your roof frequently. But should you be determined to see the task through yourself, here are the signs to look out for. Any water ponding on the flat roof and any leakage or rot you can notice inside the building, especially in rooms closest to the roof. Even if the signs aren’t present, it is important to pre-emptively seal your roof to safeguard it against water damage. 

How to find a metal roofing contractor near me? 
This is probably what you are thinking. And rightly so. Working on a roof can be dangerous without proper training and equipment. So why not call the best roofers on the mainline? Give Hynes Roofing & Siding a call on [company_phone] or fill out our contact form. We’ll be happy to help you with expert advice and a free estimate for the job!

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