How you paint your house can completely change the look of your home. A good exterior painting service will make your house attractive on the outside while a good interior painting service can make it look nice on the inside.

It is imperative to find the right paint for your interior and exterior walls. However, finding the right professionals to paint your house is just as important. A bad paint job will leave you disappointed and may also leave your walls vulnerable. In this blog, we bring you a few tips on finding and hiring the right painters for your home.

exterior painting contractor

1. Check with your family and friends
Getting recommendations for painters is not enough, these recommendations should come from trusted sources. Your family and friends are a good place to start inquiring about painters in your area who have a track record of doing an excellent job. 

2. Speak to paint shop owners
Most paint shop owners have been around for a long time and have a good network in the area. They know the good, bad and the average painters. You can ask them for a few suggestions and contact the painters and contractors that they recommend.  

3. Browse through your options
Let’s say you stay in Ardmour and you are looking for an exterior painting contractor. You can do a web search for painting services in Ardmore and figure out house painters in your area. Be sure to only opt for reputed contractors like Hynes Roofing & Siding when looking for painters online.

4. Invite quotations and compare estimates
You don’t always have to select the first painting contractor you come across. Speak to as many as you can and invite them to inspect the house. Ask them for a quotation or an estimate and do a comparison of what each of them has to offer. Pick the one that makes the most sense!

5. Take a walk around 
Take a walk around the neighborhood and look for homes with great paint. You can ask the owners of these houses for recommendations or contact for the painters they hired. This is a good method because you can see the work product with your own eyes and get real feedback. 

6. Bottomline
Whether it is getting your walls painted or a roof painting requirement, this is an expense you don’t want to incur too often. Don’t rush into making decisions and ask as many questions as you’d like before finalising painters for your house.

Hynes Roofing & Siding is a full-service home improvement company. We aim to give you the best interior and/or exterior painting services. If you are looking to get a new paint for your home, give us a call or fill out our contact form for a callback. 


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