Come spring and most homeowners set out to give their homes a great new addition. An outdoor deck. But when it comes to building a deck, the right season makes the difference between a construction experience that’s smooth, affordable and hassle-free and one that’s the total opposite. At Hynes Construction, we cannot stress enough on the advantage of doing things at the time they’re supposed to be done and so, here’s a quick read that’ll clue you in on why you need to think about starting out with your deck building plan now, instead of later. 

building a rooftop deck


1. Get contractors easily 
Most homeowners wait until spring to begin building their decks. Be one among that crowd and you’ll end up hearing “Sorry, we’re all tied up right now!” a lot more often than you think. Winter being off season, you’ll get plenty of skilled contractors to choose from without hearing excuses at the other end of the line. You’ll be able to begin and complete your project a whole lot faster.

2. Source materials at better prices 
When demand peaks, so does price. Demand for decks would be at its lowest during winter, which means you get to buy all necessary materials for your new deck at prices you won’t be seeing any other time of the year. Don’t let this secret out, or you’ll lose the advantage of building your deck in the winters! 

3. The wood stains deeper
Springtime isn’t really the ideal time for processes like staining. Because woods tend to absorb the moisture in the air, absorbing the staining treatment becomes that much harder. The hotter temperatures also make the stain evaporate before it sinks into the wood. Winter temperatures are far more conducive for staining treatments to deliver optimal results. 

4. Enough time for permits 
Building a deck may require permits depending on the county you live in. Imagine waiting to get a deck building clearance right in the middle of peak season. The more time you end  up waiting, the less time you’ll have to enjoy the spring season even if your deck gets built at extraordinary speed. 

5. No worries about shortages 
Another disadvantage of waiting until spring to build your deck is a shortfall in material supply. A likely scenario when demand for decks simply outpaces the capacity of manufacturers. You could have a contractor who’s ready to begin work and still not get anywhere. Winters bring no such challenges and you’ll have materials reaching you in the quickest time. 

6. Less damage to your lawn
Your yard will be soaked in moisture during the warmer months and will therefore not be solid. All that movement while building your deck is bound to leave marks in your yard. Something you’ll have to worry about once your deck gets done. In winter, with the ground frozen over, no matter how many times contractors walk in and out of your property, there’ll be minimal chances of any damage. 

7. Be ready when spring arrives
This is the biggest advantage of starting out with deck building now as compared to later, in spring. Deck building is a time consuming process which could involve unforeseen challenges and iterations in the plan as you go along. When you have ample time on your side, even with any change or disturbance to your plan, your deck will still get made before the arrival of spring. Unlike others, you’ll be able to enjoy the beauty of spring along with your family from your deck from Day 1. 

As you’ve already figured by now, starting out on your deck early makes a whole lot more sense than starting out in peak season. Not only will you save time and money, you’ll also be sitting in your brand new deck when others will be out scurrying for materials and contractors. If you’re sold on this piece of wisdom and desire to hook up with deck contractors near you for building a rooftop deck, roof deck repair or home deck repair just give us a call. Whether you’re looking to build a deck out of wood, composite or stone, we have an expert team of licensed and insured professionals to build you the deck of your dreams with great skills, best quality materials and fair prices. 


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