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7 tips to protect your roof from damage this winter

Your kids may view winters as the season of snowflakes, snowmen and of course, the Christmas tree. You however, may also look at the cold season as the time for

leaky roofs, mold and mildew build-up, ice dams and broken shingles. Here are 7 tips to protect your roof and more importantly, your holiday season from the onslaught of a harsh winter season. 

7 ways to avoid the need for roof repair contractors this winter

 1 Keep your gutters and drains clean

 Check and maintain your gutters, downspouts and drains before the start of winter to ensure they are clear of accumulated debris. These are the channels which allow the snow melt on your roof to flow off your roof to the ground. Any blockages in these places could not only result in water pooling but also in the formation of ice dams which will require the intervention of roof repair contractors or home improvement service companies.

  2 Insulate and / or ventilate your attic

 Attic condensation is one of the problems to watch out for during the winter months. This happens when the warm air from your living spaces rises into the attic space and then condenses on the underside of your roof’s deck. The accumulated droplets will eventually seep into the sheathing, rafters and frames and create conditions for mold and rot to develop. This is one of the commonest reasons why homeowners urgently call up Ardmore roofers or roofing contractors in Philadelphia during the cold season. You can avoid the formation of condensation by properly ventilating or insulating your attic.

 3 Remove accumulated snow

 Your roof is bound to have snow build-up and more so, if it’s the flat type. Snow when allowed to accumulate can lead to a variety of issues.

1) The snow melt could seep through your roof’s weak spots and damage the integrity of the structure underneath. 

2) The snow melt could run along your roof and develop into ice dams if your rooftop has uneven temperature zones. 3) The weight of the accumulated snow could burden your roof and result in cracks or a total collapse. Routine removal of snow from your roof will save you from the agony and expense of meeting roof repair contractors and home improvement service companies at a time when you should be having a great time with your family and friends.

 4 Check your shingles

 Keep checking the status of your roof, particularly the shingles after snowstorms. The impact of heavy snowfall is a common cause for shingles to get cracked, deformed and even slide off roofs. The sooner you become aware of the damage, the faster you can get a reliable Ardmore roofer to restore your roof to sound condition for the rest of the winter. Timely repair will also help you eliminate the possibility of further issues like leaks. 

5 Clear out overhanging branches

 Branches that are dangerously close to your roof can end up causing scratches and cracks on your shingles. Fallen leaves and branches can also obstruct the movement of water both on your roof and within the gutters. If you have trees surrounding your home, your roof will be safer with the branches trimmed to non-hazardous proportions.

 6 Fix openings and loose ends

 It’s likely that your roof and its elements have developed wear and tear that will further deteriorate as winter unleashes its full wind, hail or storm power. These affected areas could become potential entry spots for the weather as well as moisture into your home, which could lead to higher energy consumption as well as rot in wooden structures. Fix up weak areas before they get the chance to develop into bigger issues.

 7 Lay out heat cables

 When it comes to handling ice dams, prevention is always better than clean-up. Installing heat cables in a zigzag pattern along the edge of your roof will help stop melting water from refreezing and forming ice dams.

 Caring for your roof is a key priority during winter and we hope the tips listed here will help you cover all the important aspects of roof damage prevention. If you need further information or think a conversation with our roofing experts is a better bet, feel free to call us at 610-546-7844. We’re Hynes Roofing & Siding, a reputed home improvement service company that’s trusted and appreciated for bringing high-quality craftsmanship into a wide range of home improvement services. Reach out to us and we’d love to be of assistance not only through this winter but in any season.

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