Ice dams are a common prevalence during winter and their size and potential for damage will vary from home to home. However, as with all things unpleasant, this side-effect of the cold season is better prevented than resolved. Hynes Construction has always strived to keep its customers comforted through the season of carols and snowmen without the ill-effects of roof wear and tear. Here’s a blog that will provide you with all the basic info that you need to know about ice dams as well as preventive measures to keep them off your roof.

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 The reason Ice Dams form on your roof
Ice dams are the result of a roof that has uneven temperature areas. To explain further, the steeper parts of the roof are usually warmer which lead to the melting of snow formed around these parts. But when the water flows down to the lower edges of the roof, which are comparatively cooler, it refreezes into a mass that’s called an Ice Dam.

 The impact of ice dams on your home
Though ice dams form on your roof, they can cause damage that starts out with the roof and surrounding areas and eventually spreads to other areas of your property.

– Leads to torn off gutters

– Loosens shingles

– Causes water to accumulate under shingles and then drain into the home causing peeling paint, stained and sagging ceilings, warped doors and mold & mildew

 5 ways to prevent ice dams

 Here are a few ways that can help you make sure ice dams don’t get the opportunity to build up and cause damage to your home.

 1. Remove blocks
Make sure you have your gutters cleaned before winter sets in. Any blockages in your gutter system will cause water to accumulate in spots which will lead to both formation  of ice dams and possible leakages. 

 2. Ensure a cool temperature
Uneven temperatures in your attic lead to melting and refreezing of ice on the roof. So, make sure the attic is well ventilated and uniformly cool. Another way to keep your attic from warming up is by insulating the attic floor which will help reduce the impact of heat rising within your home.

3. Remove snow early
It’s better to rake or shovel snow off your roof before it gets the chance to set in and create blockages that will consume time and money to repair.  

4. Add extra protection
While you cannot prevent snow from accumulating on your roof, you can reduce the risk of leakages that’ll damage your interiors by installing a water-repellent roof membrane.

5. Check and insulate sources of heat
With proper insulation across your home, you’ll be able to control the heat generated by your home from reaching your roof. The places that you’ll need to check for insulation would include folding attic stair openings, heating ducts, furnace or water heating equipment, recessed ceiling lights and bathroom vent fans.

 Ice dams are a common threat to the structural integrity of virtually every home in the cold season. We hope the preventive tips shared here will help you stay prepared and ready to handle ice dams before they get out of hand. If you’re looking for professional expertise in roof deck repair, roof maintenance services, roof repair and replacement or roof Repair Service in Ardmore PA, give us a call. We have a track record of over forty years in repairing, restoring and installing roofs as well as providing other home improvement services with exemplary craftsmanship, unwavering honesty and fair pricing. Give us a try and get a first-hand feel of our expertise and professionalism that leave customers feeling happy with Hynes.

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